Angelina Jolie breast enhancement

April 6, 2013 0

There have been so many rumors and stories about (the alleged) Angelina Jolie’s breast enhancement endeavors, it may seem that her cleavage has been having a life of its own all this time. Word has it that Angie had her breasts enlarged before doing her part in ‘Lara Croft’ (2001). It has been rumored that Angie’s father once confirmed she had implants at a very young age and then had them taken out.

angelina jolie breast enhancement

They even wrote that Angelina has gone down the path of breast enlargement before her role in ‘Beowulf’ in 2007. Actually, the topless pictures from the movie revealing the actress covered in dripping gold liquid make us think of a large C cup breast. It’s hardly ever possible due to Angie’s constantly shrinking frame. Otherwise it would mean that her breasts grow in the opposite direction of her body…

angelina jolie boob job enlargement beowulf

But then again why do we get the feeling that the ‘Beowulf’ painted gold body was not Angelina’s? If you look closer at the topless photo from ‘Beowulf’, you’ll see that the curvy shape in a ‘gold suit’ differs a lot from Angelina’s previous inverted triangle body type and especially from her current skin and bones. So what’s the story? Is it a computer-enlarged Angelina Jolie or her busty body double?

Angelina Jolie and breast augmentation

Although plastic surgeons labeled Angie’s breasts as ‘made’ after seeing her in ‘Beowulf’, it is possible that they had been discussing someone else without knowing it… If that is the case, they were senselessly comparing Angie’s small cleavage with the ample breasts of her (real or digitally created) body double. Are you into seeing something bigger than the actress’s breasts? Take a look at Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring here.

angelina jolie breast augmentation

When you look at a (usually) fairly scant cleavage of Angelina Jolie breast augmentation is the last thing that pops into your mind. Angelina’s breasts seem to just slightly go up and down in size depending on her weight losses, pregnancies and breastfeeding days. Because when you lose weight your breasts usually shrink in unison… It is obvious though that Angelina Jolie plastic surgery experience is far from limited.

Angelina Jolie: breast implants before and after

Take a look at the topless picture from ‘Gia’ above. Her breasts hang down a bit while in some other pics the actress’s boobies sit on her chest like an open drawer. They say that if you wear a push up bra on natural breasts, you won’t get a gap between them in the way that certain Angie’s photos show. That ‘Gia’ picture and the photos below can easily be considered as Angelina Jolie breast implants before and after looks.

Angelina jolie breast implants before and after

The long and short of it, saying for sure that Angelina Jolie has had a boob job done is like saying that UFO exists. If she has, it must have been a very expensive and successful surgery. There’s no smoke without a fire but on the other hand, the actress doesn’t look ‘done’ in that snuggly area. Angelina Jolie’s nose job and chin implants seem to be more obvious than her breast augmentation surgery. What do you think?

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