Angelina Jolie nose job

April 6, 2013 0

Angelina Jolie is famous for her iconic beauty, outstanding personality, acting talent and humanitarian work. She is one of a few celebrities sitting on top of the worldwide fame Everest. She pulls a leg pose at the Oscars and sparks the craze known as ‘Jolie’ing’. No wonder that her plastic surgery experiments are hyped up so much. So what do you think of the Angelina Jolie nose job never-ending story?

angelina jolie nose job

If there is any area of Angelina Jolie’s body we can point to as an (alleged) surgical implant it’s definitely her nose. A lot has been spoken about Angelina Jolie’s breast enlargement but it has never been as obvious as the improved shape of what used to be an overly prominent nasal tip. Now Angie has a lovely smaller nose with a compact and more pointed tip…

Angelina Jolie rhinoplasty: did she or didn’t she?

In her 2010 interview to ‘The Daily Mail’ Angelina Jolie openly spoke about rhinoplasty and all her plastic surgeries. Guess what she said about it all… She has never had anything done to her face or her breasts. Now that’s a shocker! Tom Cruise’s plastic surgery is always something made up by paparazzi. Jennifer Aniston’s nose job is corrective surgery, never cosmetic.

angelina jolie rhinoplasty

Demi Moore’s plastic surgery before and after pictures are all fake, she’s never had anything done either! Oh well for some reason Angelina has chosen a very predictable path to never admit to having plastic surgery. There are people who claim Angie has never had a nosejob done adding that as she became thinner her facial features became more accentuated.

Angelina Jolie nosejob doctor: who is the magician?

Since Angelina Jolie herself denies any evidence of having a nosejob done you will never find out who her surgeon was. You can only guess that Angie splashed out a lot on her updated nose and that her successful doctor must be cruising in Beverly Hills in his Lamborghini or Ferrari at this very moment.

angelina jolie nose job surgeon

What would you choose: having great genes or a great plastic surgeon? Angelina Jolie can have both. While she is considered to be an iconic beauty today, she was not always that way. And we’re sure that the lucky doctor who performed the surgery on Angie’s nose is very much inspired to take her secret to his grave.

Angelina Jolie before and after nose job

Just compare the pictures of Angelina as a teenager and the images of her now. You will see that the actress’s nose has become a lot thinner than it was. It is very likely that this markedly visible transformation is a result of Angelina Jolie plastic surgery enhancement.

angelina jolie before nose job

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