Are Jennifer Aniston and plastic surgery friends?

August 14, 2012 0

Most Hollywood stars sooner or later turn to plastic surgery in the pursuit of perfection. They go to great lengths to always look young, trim and glowing. Most prefer going under the knife rather than looking naturally older. Jennifer Aniston looks swell most of the time, but does it mean that she has never had Botox injections, nose jobs or other plastic/cosmetic surgery procedures?

Little bird told us Jen Aniston and plastic surgery have a long friendship history:

  • we all know Jennifer Aniston did have a nose job
  • the actress admitted to using Botox but said it kinda weighed her down
  • she never said she’d had breast implants, liposuction or lip job
  • but for sure she said she’d “never, ever say ‘never’ about anything”, especially about making herself feel better about how she looks
jennifer aniston plastic surgery

And then again we know Jen is “obsessed with” a very high-priced (and hardcore) laser peel procedure that costs over $1,000. Jennifer Aniston did admit to cosmetic surgery, but she never mentioned they were good friends. While she still occasionally insists that the only ‘job’ she has done was correcting a deviated septum (which obviously didn’t count), you might as well just pretend the gorgeous lady has discovered the Fountain of Youth!

Jen Aniston before and after plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is not the only thing Jennifer Aniston does to look as ideal as she can. She’s very much into yoga, various healthy diets and weight loss programs. In one of the relatively recent interviews Jen said: “There is an extreme pressure on women and men to just stay young, and unfortunately men and women don’t see it to grow old gracefully”. Whatever Jen is into, she definitely looks better with age!

Before you enjoy Jennifer Aniston surgery before and after photos, smile at what she said before openly admitting to plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures:

  • my beauty is all natural (nose job was for health purposes, so it doesn’t count!)
  • people think that I do a lot of injections, but I don’t
  • I’m not saying I haven’t tried…
  • maybe baby: I never say ‘never’ about anything
  • ask me when I’m 50
  • I could do it (Botox), these lines aren’t getting any smoother
  • a lot of women go too far with plastic surgery, I’d never do it
jennifer aniston plastic surgery before and after

Somehow celebrity aging is the topic that evokes lots of loud and clear questions inevitably accompanied by consistently evasive answers… If you’re saying that you don’t like the looks of Jennifer Aniston before plastic surgery, you’re probably exaggerating (envy, baby!). She has always looked pretty. But obviously she was more than serious when talking about the always-look-young pressure she feels every day in Hollywood.

Jennifer Aniston: good genes or good plastic surgeons?

Jen Aniston is blessed with what God gave her. She’s famous for her natural gorgeous hair, fabulous skin and lovely figure. Denying that she has good genes is like saying she’s never done plastic surgery… Damn vicious circles are everywhere when it’s about Hollywood. However, Jennifer did get a little surgical help since her “dumpy” teenage years.

So if you ask us whether it’s good genes, an unprecedented surge of motivation or a good plastic surgeon that’s responsible for Jennifer Aniston’s almost perfect physique, we’ll tell you it’s all in one. The girl works very hard to preserve her youthful appearance. And she is incredibly motivated to invariably look young and beautiful (she’ll always be compared to Angie!)

jennifer aniston plastic surgeon

Jennifer works closely with her best friend (and a prominent yoga teacher) Mandy Ingber. And according to most sources, Jen owes her long lean legs to her ideal yoga workout. Here’s what Jen says about spending time with Mandy: “I feel like I am getting a meditation, a workout and time with my friend, all rolled into one hour” (costing her around $200, by the way).

Jennifer Aniston reportedly enjoys regular Tracie Martyn Spa Red Carpet Facials. The actress has a personal dietician Carrie Wiatt who designs diet plans especially for her. She also spends thousands of bucks on a neck cream with crystals from the planet Mars (seriously!) along with other expensive beauty products. Now that Jen Aniston is engaged to her beau, she’s gonna need some nightingale droppings from planet Uranus. Tom Cruise and his plastic surgeon can show her the way…

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