Best cleanser to remove makeup

April 6, 2013 0

Today we’re talking about some of the best cleansers for removing makeup. They are gentle, inexpensive and contain lots of skin-boosting ingredients. They are good for all skin types. They are all time favorites of the best makeup artists in the industry. Have you already come up with the most effective facial cleansing option for you? If not, we’re giving you a chance to choose the best cleanser to remove makeup right here and right now.

best cleanser to remove makeup

If all you are interested in is a good natural homemade make up remover you are free to find out how to remove make up with olive oil and read our other posts on the issue. There are so many options for cleansing your skin and removing your make up (both homemade and storebought) that finding the cleanser you need is not a problem. But the problem is that you don’t always know what product is the best for you. You’re welcome to find your answer here at

What are the best cleansers for removing makeup?

If you’re asking yourself this question from time to time, you’ve discovered the best place for getting the right answer. Enjoy learning how to nourish your skin and keep it healthily clean using only products that suit your skin type. And also we’ll help you choose the best cleanser for removing make up out of a set of the top rated products on the market. Let’s get started…

best cleanser for removing makeup

You can choose the best makeup cleanser for you out of these splendid options:

  • Bioderma Sensibio (previously known as Crealine) H2O: definitely one of the best makeup cleansers; it is perfect for removing eye makeup, strong lipstick, foundation. Read our complete Bioderma Sensibio H2O review here
  • Alpha H (3 in 1 Action Balancing Cleanser): this one is great to use on days when you haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup; this cleanser is light and creamy, but it’s not too heavy, it removes all your makeup, including eyeliner and mascara
  • Keraskin Esthetics: one of the best oily makeup cleansers, it’s very thin, light and is perfect if you’re wearing lots of makeup; takes all of your makeup off, contains omega 3 and 6 oils, leaves your skin really nicely conditioned; it’s also very good at removing waterproof mascara. To use Keraskin Esthetics, you will need to massage the cleanser all over your face for about two minutes, then add a little bit of water until the cleanser on your face becomes like a milk; then take it off with a cloth and rinse your face with water
best cleanser for makeup removal

Another excellent solution for removing makeup is called Purity which is a conditioning cleansing lotion. It’s a British organic brand. It is very effective and quite inexpensive at the same time. Massage the lotion all over your face for about two minutes. Then either rinse it off with warm water or use muslin cloths to remove the product. Muslin cloths for removing makeup also exfoliate your skin very well.

Your gentle cleanser & makeup removal routine

  • once you choose the best cleanser for you, always be very gentle when removing makeup
  • after your first cleanse repeat the procedure once again: your second cleanse will clean your face most thoroughly
  • you can do both cleanses with the lotion Purity
  • or you can do your first cleanse with Keraskin Esthetics (to get the thick makeup off) and then the second one with the lotion
  • massage your face very well during your second cleanse, make sure you go down onto your neck and cleanse behind your ears

Choosing your best cleanser for makeup removal

Although the cleansers described in this post have proved to be very effective, gentle and suit all types of skin, we cannot guarantee that all of the cleansing products our beauty experts recommend will suit you. If it is possible, test products out on yourself before buying them. Remember that your makeup removal routine should be carried out in the evening before you go to bed. There’s no need to perform this ritual in the morning.

best gentle make up cleanser

With the great number of various cleansing products out there, you can be lured to splash out on your skin care routine a bit more than you’ve expected (and maybe even more than you think you should). Fortunately, you have found our website. At our beauty experts have narrowed down the list of the best, most gentle (and very affordable) makeup cleansers for you.

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