Bizarre beauty treatments from around the world

October 20, 2012 1

Hollywood stars are enjoying and promoting some of the most bizarre beauty treatments from around the world – Japan, Austria, Egypt and more. Do you think Tom Cruise has plastic surgery or anything artificial done to his face? Nope. At least that’s what he says. He swears that he has found his fountain of youth in something that’s called the bird poop facial treatment. Read on…

Jennifer Aniston and plastic surgery ain’t close friends at all – at least that’s what she’s been repeating for years. The actress did admit she’s into an expensive and rather strange laser peel procedure after which she goes into hiding for more than a week. Demi Moore, who is also obsessed with her looks, has tried leech therapy – one of them bizarre beauty treatments promoted by stars to the world.

bizarre beauty treatments

While aging celebrities are splashing out thousands of dollars on battling the inevitable, the rest of the world is observing their attempts to prevent wrinkling. Fearless observers (mostly females) are often willing to try the most bizarre beauty treatments advertised by their favorite celebs. And if the treatments turn out to be nothing to write home about, at least you’ll have something to giggle about.

The roundup of weird beauty treatments

Would you try Geisha facial to make your facial skin glow? Gorgeous women of ancient Japan practiced it on a regular basis, so chances are high it’s effective. Besides, the name of this weird beauty treatment is so romantic. You do know its main ingredient is nightingale excrement, right? Oops… Unexpected isn’t it?

Believe it or not, people have bird dung massaged into their pores and enjoy the smooth and shiny effect. Victoria Beckham and other celebs who make the most of this weird treatment know how to make sacrifices in the name of beauty and youth. Anyone can get the treatment at Shizuka spa – one of the quaintest Japanese spas in NYC.

Bird poop mask is not the only beauty treatment that features feces… There’s also this skin cream that includes the excrement of earthworms. Not only it reverses the aging process, it is also said to cure such skin diseases as eczema and psoriasis. While its creator won’t tell anyone the names of the celebrities who indulge in the wormy treatment, we know lots of people are willing to slather on it.

weird beauty treatments

Do you think it can’t get any crazier than that? Think again! Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly using a venom-based product called Syn-ake. It’s a wrinkle shocker that freezes your facial aging process in a similar way to Botox or a snake attack… Swiss beauty chemists discovered that by achieving the positive effect of a snake attack they will get a unique product. Paralyzing beauty treatment anyone?

Katie Holmes is reportedly opting for this weird beauty treatment as well… Why give your fears any heed if you’ve already tried the extreme Tom-Cruise-the-Whacko treatment! Now how about trying fish foot treatment we’re sure you’ve already heard about? Oh well, at least you can close your eyes and ‘meditate’ when these creatures dine to their heart’s content nibbling the dead skin off your feet…

beauty treatments from around the world

Jennifer Love Hewitt has tried something a bit different but no less strange. She’s had her precious lady Swarowski crystaled… It’s called Vajazzling, the pics of this mystical ‘treatment’ can be found on J-Love says the down-there disco-ball décor has perked her up after a nasty break-up with her boyfriend. Feeling like applying crystals to your va-jay-jay already?

Strange beauty treatments: would you or wouldn’t you?

If you’re wondering about the unusual spa treatments and services, one of them involves beer. Nope, it has nothing to do with drinking a cold glass of beer at the end of a long day at work. It’s a strange beauty treatment that suggests sitting in a beer tub for about 30 minutes which is said to be very relaxing and very good for your skin and hair. Don’t try drinking the beer in your tub, unless you love it worm

strange beauty treatments

Other strange beauty treatments include:

  • using bull semen for hair treatment
  • having a ramen noodle soup bath for skin treatment
  • putting placenta cream on your face to make your skin look beautiful
  • using the mixture of crocodile dung and mud to battle the signs of aging

Now that a Swedish massage is replaced with synthetic snake venom, and 24-karat gold facials are used instead of the traditional mud masks, we can tell you for sure that there is no shortage of really original beauty treatments to help all the youth-craving ladies and gents stave off aging. Would you indulge in some of the bizarre beauty treatments mentioned above if it made you look prettier and younger?

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