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November 5, 2012 0

In the below interview Candice Swanepoel will tell you about her home country, her childhood in South Africa, her family and her job. At 24 she’s one of the world’s top ten supermodels. She has starred in Versace and Tom Ford commercials, made New York her own. See Candice Swanepoel without make up here.

The Flamingo, as she’s nicknamed was earning upwards of $6,000 a day by age sixteen. Her networth now is around $5 million. The names Candice and Swanepoel have become bywords for angelic attraction and irresistible appeal. To her sweet dog she’s just Mom though. Enjoy Candice Swanepoel interview below.

candice swanepoel interview

Growing up, what was it like as a young girl in Mooi River?

Growing up on our farm was amazing. It was our world for my brother and I. We used to just run around like crazy kids. I had a free, happy childhood. I was always into beauty and taking care of myself. So I wasn’t that typical tomboy.

At what point did you think, “Ok, I’m very pretty, I’m going to be a model”?

I don’t know if I had that realization, I just always felt I was very awkward looking at high school: very skinny, knobbly knees, braces. And then somebody actually scouted me at a flea market in Durban, and it was the first time it kind of got into my mind that maybe I could be a model. I used to watch ‘Fashion TV’ a lot.

So it went from there. I went to ‘Ice Models’ in Durban. And at that time in South Africa it was more about the ‘bombshell’, sexy blonde appeal. And I had the dark hair, was very skinny. So they sent me overseas really quickly. And here I’ve turned into the blonde bombshell. (laughing)

So what was your first audition?

It’s such a strange feeling for people to be watching you perform (when you don’t know what you’re doing at all). But it came so naturally to me and at the end of the day I was just like, “Mom, I wanna do this”. I felt it was my thing.

And how did your Mom respond to that?

My parents have always been really supportive to my brother and I. Whatever we wanted to do to pursue our dreams, they would support and trust us. They are actually a big part of why I carried on, because there were times when I wanted to give up, go back to South Africa and study. But my parents knew there were more opportunities overseas…

interview with candice swanepoel

What’s it like working with ‘Angels’?

Whenever I talk about it I always get emotional, because Victoria Secret and all the girls, it is a family. They choose very carefully the make-up artist, the stylist, anybody who works in the team. They’re all good people. And after travelling for so long it was such a relief to find a family somewhere. Victoria Secret is something secure in this industry. Because most models don’t know if they’re going to work tomorrow, next week, next month or not…

You’re now one of the highest ranked models, one of the best paid models in the world. Do you ever get excited or really proud of yourself when you see all those magazines with your pictures in them?

It’s a strange feeling. It doesn’t seem like my life. I’m still that same person, so when I read all these comments and see people talking about me, it’s quite surreal and funny. But, you know, it is what it is.

Candice swanepoel interview body

When keeping your Victoria Secret body, you obviously eat well and exercise. What is your secret of having and keeping a perfect body?

My beauty secrets are really simple. As long as I stay active, it’s fine. I can eat whatever I want. I’m lucky because in the last couple of years the more I work and travel, the skinnier I get. Read more about Candice Swanepoel diet and exercise plan here.

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