Classic fashion mistakes: fix them now!

August 12, 2012 0

If you’re a dedicated fashionista, you should know that there are fashion faux pas that make a woman look so totally out of style. Most women run the risk of making some of the most outrageous fashion mistakes ever. If you want to reduce the number of these mistakes to the minimum possible, you might want to get rid of some of your style habits for good.

Don’t worry, becoming style-conscious doesn’t mean you should renew your whole wardrobe. It’s about knowing a few fashion secrets that teach you how to look good in summer and all the year round. Just follow simple rules below and instead of the good old ‘what was she thinking’ you’ll hear ‘wow, that woman looks gorgeous’ from people who’ll follow the enhanced you with their eyes.

Style mistakes and fashion misses hit the streets

You don’t have to choose all your clothes based strictly on the media for this may turn you into a awkwardly looking fashion victim. Approach all the fashion magazines and TV programs as a great source of information, something you can (occasionally) learn from. Develop your own style based on your favorite trends and traditions when learning from the best.

fashion mistakes

The following style mistakes and fashion misses will contribute to your fashion-forwardness:

  • wrong color undergarments: if you’re still wearing a black bra under a white tank, forget about this ‘trend’ for good. Instead, choose seamless underwear to match your skin color
  • pants that are too short: make sure that your cosmic pants are long enough even for your Iris Van Herpen high heels
  • business suits with sneakers: opt for heels or loafers when going to work, sneakers paired with corporate garments are a huge fashion blunder
  • clothes that are too tight: don’t let others know that you (almost) fit in your college jeans, everyone will see that you have to squeeze yourself into them anyway
  • shorts with stockings: stockings look great when paired with a dress, but choosing shorts in this case is a fashion mistake
style mistakes

Try not to fall into these fashion traps and always look your best. Remember Marilyn Monroe’s words: “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.” It’s important to note that wearing clothes that fit you can make you look thinner. There are even some amazing slimming dress styles often flaunted by female celebrities.

Summer fashion don’ts for women

You should be especially careful with what you’re wearing in summer. First, you may give in to temptation of showing too much skin (or the wrong areas) which will spoil the entire look. Second, make sure you don’t wear too much make-up, for it will most likely melt in the heat. Finally, try to dress your age: cutoffs, see through dresses, crop tops just don’t cut it for over 40 even if you are very fit.

fashion donts for women

If you want to look great in summer, fashion don’t for women below will be very helpful:

  • exposed bra strap and panties: get yourself a strapless bra to support your ladies. Oh and don’t let everyone hear that thong-song playing behind your lower back
  • visible panty line: showing off your panty line is a huge fashion don’t; stick with seamless nude panties or G-strings if you want your bottom to look attractive
  • problem areas exposed: opt for belly shirts only if you know that your abs are ready for the summer
  • sandals with socks: your uncle may do it, your grandpa may do it, the awkward neighbor may do it, too. Are you sure you want to join the club?
exposed bra straps

Fashion is something you don’t have to take too seriously. ‘Eat’ it with measure, drink it up with your own fresh ideas and don’t forget to exercise your taste on a regular basis. Never give up on style and try to look good even when you’re out shopping in a supermarket – you don’t know who you will bump into… Sharon Stone with no make-up must have forgotten about all fashion misses when she recently hit the streets unrecognizable. You don’t want to look that bad, do you?

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