Demi Moore: boob job done years ago

August 24, 2012 0

Demi Moore’s breasts started growing magically fast in the nineties. No, the actress has never done any boob surgery. She would never do that, because it’s all about her natural stunning beauty. The actress’s older pictures show indeed a stunningly beautiful (but quite flat-chested) girl who definitely looks like someone who has surgically altered her boobies.

Now Demi’s perky friends look fuller and rounder than they used to. But of course Demi Moore’s boob job gossip is nonsense. She would never do anything like that. It must be some sort of a beauty secret that most boobalicious celebrities also use, something like Geisha facials, only for the bosom area. Or an expensive push-up bra giving her so much boob volume. Okay, Demi is playing it close to her chest, but playing along equally closely is just too tempting!

Check out the photos of Demi Moore and her boob job first showing in her famous ‘Striptease’ movie (1996).

demi moore boob job

Most plastic surgeons (who haven’t treated her) agree that Demi did have breast surgery. One of them even went into details saying: “Given the round contour in the upper part of the breasts and increased projection, it is more likely the result of breast augmentation”. Demi Moore and her plastic surgery experiments are no longer secrets. Although so far they’ve been quite successful, but it’s their quantity that weighs down on us so much.

Demi Moore: breast augmentation success?

Although her enhanced boobs have been allegedly altered further on, Demi Moore’s breast augmentation success seems obvious. No wonder, she spends hundreds of thousands of bucks on preserving her youthful looks. Little bird told us the actress has been doing it mostly because she’s been very unwilling to lose Ashton Kutcher. In the long run he left her: think it was a big loss?

demi moore breast augmentation

Now that Ashton is having fun with Mila Kunis in Bali and then works on spicy shots with Alessandra Ambriosio for Colcci, Demi can relax her muscles (if she can) and ponder over some heart ‘jobs’. Too bad Demi’s younger ex has no new boobs (or even moobs) to show you yet. But you did know that Ashton Kutcher and plastic surgery are no strangers, didn’t you?

Demi Moore: breast implants metamorphosis

It is difficult to tell why Demi decided to remove the pair of breast implants she got in the 90’s and replace them with smaller implants, or a breast lift (she won’t admit what exactly she did). But at one point in her life (after the augmentation) her breasts became less obvious, but still remained round and attractively shaped. Oh well, there’s no limit to perfection when it’s about tweaking your body!

demi moore breast implants surgery

The Demi Moore breast implants metamorphosis is not a unique case in Hollywood. Remember Lisa Rinna’s lip surgery and the painful reduction that followed it years after the initial lip job? If only certain surgeries were as successful as Demi’s! For someone approaching half a decade Demi Moore looks dynamite. But what do you think? Is her booming bust the result of surgery, a wonder bra or an imaginary boob metamorphosis?

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