Demi Moore facelift

August 26, 2012 0

Everything changes and wrinkles, but it’s encouraging to know that some things don’t ever sag or fall down, just like Demi Moore’s face. The actress manages to freeze her gorgeous face in time without actually making it look awkwardly frozen: no wind-swept look, wrinkles in the wrong places or strange puckers… Yep, Demi Moore’s facelift is that good!

And it’s very expensive as well, by the way. The amazing-looking poster girl for incredible plastic surgery results is reportedly splurging up to $49,900 every year on various lifts and fillers. Is it worth it? Yes! She looks stunning and never ‘done’. If you look at Demi Moore pictures after plastic surgery you will see a woman in her thirties or even younger.

demi moore facelift

You may have seen the pics where the actress isn’t in her most ‘lifted’ mood, but hey, most of the time she maintains that youthful glow. Demi Moore’s non-surgical face-job is a procedure that’s called a 3-D face lift: it leaves no scars and is said to be something a lot of women go for nowadays. Would you try something like that to get the fabulous Demi-look?

The clock is ticking for the actress’s ex Ashton Kutcher whose plastic surgery days must have started even earlier than Demi’s. After watching Demi Moore swap her older husband for the younger one, we can only hope that the tendency continues to hoist up for her. Who knows, maybe being with a much younger man is the only secret that has kept her looking 20 years younger.

demi moore face surgery

If you want to look like Demi Moore when approaching half a decade, don’t even hope to discover the Fountain of Youth. Better start looking for a good surgeon. If you’ve seen Demi’s lifted knees or boobs, you can’t possibly think it’s down to her good genes or even good lovers… And don’t forget to get to work now! Even Tom Cruise’s bird poop treatment is costly, let alone Demi Moore’s face lifting non-surgeries.

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