Demi Moore knee plastic surgery

August 25, 2012 0

You may follow a squeaky-clean macrobiotic diet and exercise all your life, but neither of these strategies will help you tone and taut your knees once they get old. If your knees are far from being perfect, and you want to change them, you might want to try something that made Demi Moore’s knees look a lot younger than they actually did.

Demi Moore had knee plastic surgery and allegedly splashed out $9,000 on lifting her sagging knees. Yes, she actually had her knees operated on for cosmetic purposes. The actress wasn’t very happy about her knee wrinkles, so she turned to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr, Brian Novack whose “technique to remove saggy skin from the notoriously difficult-to-correct area” is said to be perfect.

demi moore knee plastic surgery

Now that there are almost pain-free laser treatments for aesthetic misfortunes like knee sagging, a lot of women make the most of them. Performed in 2006 or even earlier, Demi Moore’s knee plastic surgery may have been quite painful and uneasy to hide, but she did manage to stave off the curse of the knee wrinkles, or ‘kninkles’, as they’ve been nicknamed…

Demi Moore knee lift: kninkles battled

According to the sources, Demi Moore didn’t like it that there was part of her that remained saggy even after numerous surgeries. So she decided to go for a knee lift procedure despite being aware of the scars it may leave. After the operation Demi’s knees became all sucked in and shaped out. They are not 100% magically young, but they’re a good approximation.

demi moore knee lift

By the way, Demi Moore’s knee lift may soon attract close attention of other aging celebrities with the same problem. A lot of female celebrities have approached the age when they may start wanting to stave off their dreaded saggy knees just like Demi did. Damn, even bird poop facials cost money, let alone all these surgeries! Check out the photos of the ‘kninkled’ female celebs and their saggy knees below.

knee lift surgery

From flat-chested to busty and back again, Demi’s ever-changing physique has long been the source of cosmetic surgery speculation. She completely remodeled her body which once helped her return to the screen and bring a boy toy lover into her life. The Demi Moore plastic surgery saga can go on and on and on. She already had lipo, breast augmentation, face lifts, collagen injections… What is a little knee work in the midst of all that?

Saggy knees surgery or natural anti-kninkle treatment?

If you are considering saggy knees surgery, you should be aware of the possible side effects of the procedure. Among them are pain (tolerable, but persistent), hematomas (50 shades of rainbow), stiffness (often when post operative physical therapy is improper), infection (that comes with swelling and fever) and various skin complications.

saggy knees surgery

Despite the fact that Demi Moore herself was the one who introduced saggy knees surgery to the world of desperate female celebs, doctors say that there are other ways to minimize knee sagging. If you’re more inclined to natural anti-sagging techniques, try the following:

  • avoid being skinny, usually this problem afflicts women who are too thin
  • include foods rich in protein and fatty acids into your diet
  • do deep squats daily, crouch down like a ski jumper and stand up again: this way you will tone the muscle responsible for sagging
  • protect your knees in the sun and moisturize them regularly

There are also non-surgical therapies that tighten slack skin in the knee area. Radio-frequency treatments, for example, can work wonders on kninkles. Dr. Bowler who is an expert in this field explains: “Radio-frequency treatments deliver energy into the dermal tissue which heats it, causing the collagen to tighten and, in time, to produce more collagen”. The cost of such treatments is not too high compared to the sum Demi Moore paid in 2006 for her surgical procedure.

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