Demi Moore liposuction

August 24, 2012 0

Lipo is just one of the many procedures Demi Moore have tried on herself in an attempt to remain eternally youthful. Various sources claim that this bold soldier girl has spent $25,000 on lipo and enormous sums on other ‘jobs’ that have practically made her a plastic surgery poster girl. Lucky for Demi, her surgery results don’t look as pathetic as Cher’s ‘makeovers’ or Lisa Rinna’s plastic surgery disasters.

The Demi Moore liposuction story was broken a long time ago. She was said to have undergone lipo on her outer and inner thighs, hips and stomach (see Demi Moore tummy tuck for more). My oh my, Demi even had her knees lipo’ed! Of course the actress will keep telling you about her expensive beauty regimes and exhausting daily workouts, but now that the truth is out, there’s no use denying it.

demi moore liposuction

The actress did hire a personal trainer, and her exercise plan really is rigorous. Naturally, Demi Moore’s plastic surgeons told her about the hard work she must do to maintain the results of such impressively quick surgical ‘weight loss’ as lipo. Unlike breast implants, good liposuction without any complications is not easy to spot on a person even if they’re flaunting their body in a bikini.

Since good lipo doesn’t leave you with obvious permanent marks (lumps, scars or swellings), the procedure is a perfect solution for celebrities who aim at getting and keeping the look as natural as possible. You must’ve heard that Demi Moore had knee liposuction or the so-called knee-lift surgery. You may check out the pics in one of the posts of our online magazine for women and women-curious men.

demi moore knee lipo

If you’re considering liposuction, you should know that although it provides you with a quick fix solution, it’s still a major surgical procedure with all the risks that may come with it. Among possible risks are: excess skin, scars, swelling, infections and more. Maybe it’s even worth it if you’re a Hollywood star trying to keep her young husband and his playful genitals from making irreversible mistakes.

However, not so long ago Demi admitted that her ‘extreme obsession’ with her body now seems pointless and meaningless. Cheer up, beautiful, there are still so many available boy toys on the market. Liposuction did help the actress bag her hot younger hubby. Together with Demi Moore’s boob job and other surgeries the lifted effect lasted six long years. But no lipo can save your aging marriage from sagging…

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