Demi Moore: plastic surgery before and after pictures

August 23, 2012 0

It sure irritates Demi Moore that everybody is still discussing how much money she has spent on tweaking her problem areas. Even though she likes twitting about her toothless moments to the world, she would still love to hide how much cosmetic surgery she’s had. Alas, the Demi Moore plastic surgery news was broken long ago, so we’re free to dwell upon it in detail.

Here are a few pictures of Demi Moore before and after plastic surgery – try and guess which of her bits she has surgically altered. What can we say? Although the actress never openly admitted to what exactly she had corrected, she had changed since her young years. A lot.

demi moore plastic surgery before and after pictures

Which one of Demis below do you recognize? The one who looks radiantly younger and obviously slimmer? Less is Moore, this pun hits the nail on the head when it’s about the actress’s makeovers.

demi moore plastic surgery before and after

These photos of Demi Moore before and after plastic surgery are the living proof of how often the actress flirts with the knife. Too bad it all has ended with Ashton and Mila’s happy Bali face-sucking adventure. Never ever lose face out of fear of losing a man.

demi moore plastic surgeries

Once Demi twitted the following message: “All this garbage [about plastic surgery] is nothing more than an effort to diminish not just me but all women. Diminishing us by continually measuring women based on how we look. Or don’t look. Creating comparisons instead of connections. Say no to that!” How about saying no to obsessing over your own looks to the point of losing connection with your old pics?

Has Demi Moore had plastic surgery?

If after seeing all the photos above and below you’re still asking this question, we have no choice but to reply with an equally ‘smart’ question: “Are you nuts???” Of course Demi Moore has had plastic surgeries – lots of them, actually. A source close to the actress once said: “Demi will do anything to keep herself looking young”. At least all her corrective procedures have made her look naturally younger, almost without ‘overdone’ being written on her face.

demi moore plastic surgery

While some of Demi Moore’s plastic surgeries have been way too obvious (her breast implants do stand out), some of the actress’s ‘jobs’ are worth shaping into words. Just to realize how much the woman-in-love wanted Ashton not to walk out on her… Sorry Demi, we’re going to reveal the cost of your surgeries – every womanita in town already knows anyway:

  • Demi Moore’s liposuction (hips, thighs, stomach) – $32,000
  • her new breasts – $22,000
  • brow lift and other face surgeries – up to $40,000
  • Demi’s knee surgery – $10,000

Demi Moore is definitely stretching the truth when stating that she hasn’t had surgeries on her face. Famous plastic surgeons have already confirmed the obvious: a lot of surgical procedures have been involved in her case. As for the actress’s knee surgery, the mother of three just didn’t want to accept the saggy truth that looked at her from the lower part of the mirror. They say she’s very sensitive about her age and exceptionally conscious of her and Ashton’s age difference, hence all the tweaking and endless corrections. All in vain. Cuts like a knife!

Demi Moore’s plastic surgeon: show us the magician!

One of the docs who have done much work on Demi Moore is Brian Novack who is a brilliant surgeon. She went to him when she decided to get herself new knees. The procedure is said to be very difficult, and there’s nowhere to conceal scarring. No wonder that the actress preferred scarring to sagging and hadn’t reacted to her friends trying to talk her out of the whole thing.

demi moore long before plastic surgery

Here’s what another surgeon, Alex Karidis from London, said about the delicacy of the knee surgery: “If you have a neck lift you can hide the scarring behind the ear, but the knees are one of the most exposed areas of the body. I would always advise my clients against having knee surgery because it is impossible to hide. And even though the scarring might not be as bad as the sagging, it will be a telltale sign that you have had surgery”. Who cares when you’re getting perfect new knees?!

Demi Moore before plastic surgery

Now if you look at the pics of Demi Moore before plastic surgery, when she was young and full of life, can you actually recognize her? Barely. Some would even say that at 49 she looks much trimmer than she did at 30.

demi moore before plastic surgery

Demi looked so different long before the series of plastic surgeries. Do you think she looks better now?

demi moore’s plastic surgeon

Oh and did you know that Demi Moore’s teeth have also been slightly changed? A story for another post…

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