Did Jennifer Aniston get a nose job?

August 13, 2012 0

Yeah, she did. The rumors have been earlier confirmed by the actress herself. In one of the 2011 interviews, Jen mentioned that she’d broken her nose while playing baseball a few decades back. “That’s a broken nose?”, TV host asked, pointing at her flawless face. Jennifer’s reply was very creative. She said: “Sort of – not anymore”. Jennifer Aniston did get a nose job – maybe even twice…

Still Jen always insisted that her nose job was aimed to correct a deviated septum that was incorrectly done over a decade ago, not to improve her nose’s cosmetic appeal. Dr. Kevin Tehrani, New York based plastic surgeon, says the tip and the bridge of Jennifer’s nose may have been corrected. The doc adds that it’s quite common for celebs to ‘correct a deviated septum’ when they are, in reality, getting a cosmetic surgery.

did jennifer aniston get a nose job

According to the reports, Jennifer Aniston had two nose jobs: first in the ‘90s, second in 2007. As for Jennifer Aniston’s plastic surgery comments, she says too much ‘fixing’ can make you look even older than you really are. Jen also admits to having used Botox but adds that it’s not her cupatea now. The rest is kept a secret, just like it happens with most celebrity corrective surgeries.

Jen Aniston nose job: who’s the magic doctor?

In 2007 Jennifer Aniston became very eager to correct the nose job she had done more than ten years ago. Sources say she never liked her nose complaining that it was too wide. It’s no surprise that she chose the best doc in town for her second rhinoplasty. She went to esteemed Indian plastic surgeon Raj Kanodia who reportedly also treated Jessica Simpson and Cameron Diaz. Celebs have a nose for good plastic surgeons!

jennifer aniston nose job doctor

Raj Kanodia is the leading plastic surgeon in California who works at his licensed surgery center in Beverly Hills. He successfully combines natural holistic principles of Ayurveda with the latest medical research. His worldwide client base includes entertainers, models, politicians and even royalties. Jennifer Aniston’s nose job doctor works wonders, and it shows!

We have no doubt that Jennifer was satisfied with the result of Dr. Kanodia’s work. However, word has it that she was very angry with the doc because he had spoken to US weekly about the whole thing contributing to their article called ‘Jen’s Secret Nose Job’. Word quickly got out, and there’s nothing anybody could do about it. Keep your pecker up Jen, especially now that it’s perfect!

Jennifer Aniston’s rhinoplasty: before and after photos

Other docs have been commenting on Jennifer Aniston’s rhinoplasty performed by Raj Kanodia. Most of them say the before and after photos are very similar, and the difference is rather subtle. Dr. Kanodia skillfully raised the tip of Jen’s nose and thinned the bridge, improving the general look without making drastic changes.

jennifer aniston rhinoplasty before and after photo

Whether done for health reasons or for vanity, Jennifer Aniston’s new nose is absolute perfection. She’s not a Bollywood actress, but she should be thankful to India for such an amazing doc. Of course Doctor Kanodia didn’t say how much Jennifer had paid for the whole thing, but the sum ran into about $18,000. Now that Jennifer Aniston is engaged to Justin Theroux, we can say she’s definitely following her nose!

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