Did Natalie Portman get a nose job?

August 22, 2012 0

Now that Natalie Portman is again in the center of Hollywood’s attention, everyone wants to know everything about her. People are all curious about her secret wedding ceremony and the simple yet elegant wedding dress she has chosen to wear. Natalie’s ‘Black Swan’ side is even more attractive to the public: her numerous lovers, her bad-ass rap endeavors and her very subtle nose job

So did Natalie Portman get a nose job in the early 2000s or shall we blame it all on the different angles the before-and-after pics were taken from? Nobody knows for sure, even plastic surgeons who’ve commented on this topic express opposite opinions. Dr. Holcomb, plastic surgeon from Florida states that Natalie Portman’s nose surgery is pretty obvious. “The tip of her nose appears lifted and more defined”.

did natalie portman get a nose job

Another doc from Beverly Hills, au contraire, says that Natalie Portman looks as if she hasn’t had any work performed to her face. “She still has a very young look, and would not benefit from facial plastic surgery at this point in her life”. The actress herself denies all the loud Natalie Portman plastic surgery rumors, so we have to make our own conclusions… Check out the photos of Natalie Portman before and after the alleged nose job and tell us what you think:

natalie portman nosejob before and after

Looks like a really well-performed nose-job to us. Enhanced Natalie has a slim, trimmed and a very delicate nose. Yes, it’s difficult to tell with the slightly different camera angles, but the actress’s nose does look quite refined in most pictures. The bridge of Natalie’s nose seems to have been very subtly slimmed down. If only Lisa Rinna’s plastic surgery experiments were equally amazing!

natalie portman rhinoplasty

Natalie Portman’s rhinoplasty has definitely refined her originally less perfect nose. If this fine example of rhinoplasty has made her career even more successful, we can’t but be happy for this classic beauty and Harvard educated lady!

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