Did Tom Cruise have plastic surgery?

August 7, 2012 0

Some Hollywood stars age gracefully, others change disastrously with the years and become barely recognizable. Most of the time aging celebrities turn to plastic surgery and never go out without make-up to maintain their youthful appearance. Tom Cruise is a special case. He is 50 and he doesn’t seem to age at all. People even joke around saying he will die a baby just like Benjamin Button.

Just take a look at one of the latest W magazine covers below. It features Tom Cruise rocking numerous tattoos and impressive abs. He’s wearing leather pants and ‘guyliner’ obviously promoting his role in the 2012 movie ‘Rock of Ages’ where he portrayed an 80’s rock star. So the question is: did Tom Cruise have plastic surgery? We cannot say for sure now that he is so inclined to dismiss the idea.

did tom cruise have plastic surgery

But the guy definitely looks super fresh for someone who’s approached half a decade. One thing Cruise keeps saying that he will not rock is plastic surgery. His ever-young face and body have never gone under the knife, and it’s all about training, healthy eating, working, spending lots of time with the family blah blah blah… But are we actually buying it? Let’s ask the pros first…

Tom Cruise: facelift, nose job, Botox, lipo…

Dr. Anthony Youn, a certified plastic surgeon in Detroid, says that 50-year-old Cruise looks at least ten years younger than he naturally should. Youn is skeptical about the hunk’s unique beauty treatments saying he must’ve found a brilliant plastic surgeon. The doc adds that Tom Cruise must have undergone multiple plastic surgeries.

tom cruise face lift

Having just one thing done to make the actor look as young as he does is mission impossible, says Youn. Some plastic surgeons do suspect Tom has had the following procedures:

  • Botox injections for smoothening effect between his eyebrows
  • facial plumper injections
  • filler injections into the deeper facial wrinkles
  • liposuction

Youn doesn’t think that Tom Cruise has had facelifts, but he says the actor is regularly having various skin-tightening procedures. While professionals make not-so-wild guesses not being sure about the nose job Tom Cruise may have had, the actor reportedly continues spending tens of thousands of bucks on cosmetic surgery taking everything to extremes.

Tom Cruise and his (yet another) beauty secret

Did you know that Tom Cruise gets the ‘Geisha’ beauty treatment? It’s also called the Geisha Facial or Bird Poop Facial. Yes, you heard it right. The main ingredient in these facials is powdered nightingale poop which is said to miraculously brighten and nourish the face. The technique was borrowed from geishas. A little bird told us that the beauty regime costs $180 a pop.

tom cruise plastic surgery

An unnamed source recently revealed that Tom had never gone in for plastic surgery. Instead, the actor is open to the Geisha Facial and some other unique natural treatments. They say it was Victoria Beckham who recommended the treatment to Tom. Tom Cruise looks like he’s aging in reverse, so maybe bird poop does work wonders for him. Oh well, at least he doesn’t eat it. Yet.

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