Does Kate Upton have breast implants?

August 22, 2012 1

Kate Upton’s breasts have been a hot topic of conversation, almost as hot as her entertaining dancing gif and anything else related to the 20-year old supermodel. So the main question is: does Kate Upton have breast implants or not? Today her breasts bounce just like the natural ones, tomorrow everyone will say that the transition from her cleavage to her chest is too sharp to be real.

The voluptuous model doesn’t look ‘done’. She is quite full-figured comparing to, say, Victoria’s Secret Angels, and her breasts seem natural to her size and proportions. We wouldn’t include her in our list of best celebrity beach bodies of 2012, but the girl is attractive enough to earn big money modeling and bouncing her way to the ultimate fame and fortune.


does kate upton have breast implants

Although Kate Upton’s bio and yearbook pics give us the idea of her natural beauty, the fake-boobs topic isn’t getting any cooler. Too many people (including plastic surgeons) keep bringing up breast augmentation as something that greatly contributed to the supermodel’s career. Do you think Kate Upton and breast augmentation is a BIG deal or are you all for the idea that she’s never had breast implants?

Boobalicious Kate Upton and breast augmentation

The collection of Kate Upton’s online photo and video materials is the gift that keeps on giving. And although we see this boob-filled gift’s various sides in almost every picture and video of the model, we can’t say for sure if she has breast implants or not. Dr. Salzhauer, plastic surgeon from Miami, says: “Kate is young and gorgeous. No signs of breast augmentation, but perhaps stress and fame will make her a candidate soon!”

kate upton breast augmentation

If you think that the way Kate Upton’s breasts sit on her chest indicates surgical correction, watch her boobies move as she walks down the runaway in bikini. Because at that very moment her breasts seem to bounce in a way that only real ones can. At least we can almost be sure that no work has been performed to the model’s face when we see Kate Upton without make up and Photoshop. The 20-year old looks lovely and natural bare-faced.

Kate Upton’s implants: real or fake?

It really is quite possible that Kate Upton’s plastic surgery experiences are figments of her envious enemies’ imagination. The model doesn’t seem to want to discuss her impressive talents and ample achievements. Talk is cheap, so why not enjoy her Cat Daddy and Dougie performances along with millions of Photoshopped masterpieces of her controversial breasts.

kate upton breast implants

By the way, did you know that Kate Upton’s boobs’ early days weren’t always that happy? In fact, the model was even made fun of for being flat-chested at school. Something we can hardly believe now that she has large D-cup breasts. Oh well, a lot of actresses come down to breast surgery, some of their ‘jobs’ being too obvious. The very fact that we have to wonder if Kate Upton’s breast implants are actually implants, means we have to give credit to her expensive (alleged) surgeon!

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  1. Melinda March 25, 2013 at 6:29 am -

    They look real… But then again doesn’t plastic surgery work wonders?