How to choose the best foundation for your skin

April 23, 2013 0

If you don’t want to end up putting your new foundation into the drawer with all the foundation bottles that never worked out with you, read on. In today’s post we’ll teach you how to choose the best foundation for your skin type. This suggests finding the best foundation formulation and texture for you.

When choosing the best foundation, you should focus on 3 main steps:

  • choosing the best shade for you
  • defining your coverage preferences
  • choosing the best foundation formulation for your skin type
how to choose the best foundation for your skin

Getting the right formulation of your foundation is as important as finding the best color. Because if you’re going to use moisturizing foundation on an oily skin or, vice versa, if you use foundation that is drying on a dry skin, it’s never going to look good no matter how perfect the color suits you.

Best foundation formulation and texture for your skin

When choosing the best foundation for your skin in terms of the product’s formulation and texture, the first thin you need to think about is what type of skin you have. You’ve probably noticed that your type of skin can change throughout the year: it can change from dry in winter to normal during summer etc. So you might need to change your formulation throughout the year as well.

Your skin can be:

  • very oily all over
  • it can be more combination
  • normal to dry
  • normal to oily
  • or very dry
best foundation for your skin

The next thing you need to think about when choosing the best foundation for your skin type is what sort of coverage you want. So before shopping for the right product for you, decide if you want your foundation very lightweight, or if you prefer a medium to full coverage. Of course, finding the right foundation color is very important, but you shouldn’t forget about getting the texture that matches your skin type.

What is the best foundation for your skin?

If you’re still asking yourself this important question, you should know that there are several answers to it. First, the best foundation for your skin sits well on your face: it neither clings onto dry patches on your skin nor enhances your pores. Second, it is your perfect shade. Third, finding the perfect foundation also suggests the product’s ideal formulation and texture.

Try and harness the latest technology to help you get the most beautiful foundation effect. Now there are so many incredible formulations available that actually improve your skin. If you’re looking for a good foundation for oily skin, you can find lots of products that will help you absorb extra oil from your face and stop the oily breakthrough.

what is the best foundation for your skin

If moisturizing foundation for dry skin is what you need, look for the foundation with peptides. It will nourish, firm your skin and prevent wrinkles. Also, the best foundation for your skin is the one that looks good in a magnifying mirror. So while testing your foundation sample at home, look at what’s happening with the formulation in the magnifying mirror.

Choosing the best foundation for you: a close-up look

Looking at your foundation close-up will help you easily see how the product settles and how it looks on your skin after a while: whether it settles in your pores/dry patches or not etc. Remember that if your foundation looks fairly good when it’s magnified, it’s going to look amazing to the naked eye.

how to choose foundation for your skin

You may have noticed that some foundations change their color within the first half an hour of usage. This happens due to a reaction with the chemistry of your skin. Want to know how to find perfect foundation color for you? Read our previous posts!

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