How to look good in summer

August 8, 2012 0

When summer is in the air, you want to look your best: both at the beach and just hanging out with your pals in town. Remember that you will hardly ever look hot and fashion-forward without careful shopping and preparation. You’ll need to learn much and work hard to take everything into account to finally know exactly how to look good in summer.

The idea of getting a swimsuit that doesn’t suit you or shaking love-handles on the beach is not what a stylish woman should stick to. So the first thing you should work on before hitting the beach is the improvement of your sense of style and body image. We’ll discuss summer style later in this post. As for your body image, it’s simple: you need to work out to get a great bikini body.

Beauty tips to help you look your best at the beach

Put the work-out-regularly advice to practice, and you will find the prospect of showing off your killer curves in the sun appealing long before the beach season knocks on your door. Want to know more about how to look good at the beach without spending too much money on your elegant makeover? Use the wise style strategies and beauty tips below to get yourself 100% ready for summer.

how to look good in summer

1. Save on flip flops, invest in summer dresses and swimsuits.

Your flip flops should cost $15 maximum. Never spend over $15 on flip flops. Instead, concentrate at choosing summer dresses and bathing suits that compliment your complexion.

2. Choose your swimsuit wisely.

If you haven’t had enough time to love away your love handles before the beach season, you are going to need some elegant body contouring swimwear, just to prevent muffin top hanging over your two-piece swimsuit. If your belly bulge becomes a problem, you can also temporarily sort it out by getting the right swimsuit (try camisole swimsuits, for instance).

how to look good at the beach

If you’re a lady with more on top who doesn’t like the idea of letting others see her half-bare bust, go for a one-piece swimsuit with a V-shaped neckline. In either case, don’t panic. Fortunately, almost all retailers realize that not many women look stunningly hot in three logically located triangles held together with playful strings. Just take your time to search for the right option, and you will find the best swimsuit for you among the millions on the market.

2. Vintage inspired shades and bikini: why not!

Celebrate your body with a vintage inspired bikini, it will look marvelous. Nowadays you often gotta take a step back to look fashion-forward. Vintage shades rock, especially if you get a hip straw (fedora) hat. Just take the frames to your local optician to have the tinted lenses put in for you or get a new pair of vintage style shades. Get a really cool pair of sunglasses that you can wear every day instead of wasting money on tons of different shades.

how to look hot at the beach

3. Rock beachwear accessories

Make the most of the jewelry and accessories when getting ready to hit the beach. Don’t overdo it though for the huge number of summer rings, foot jewelry items, bracelets and hair accessories can tempt you into wearing it all at once!

summer beauty tips

4. No more love handles and rocker red hair

You can deal with them love handles only by working them out or by wrapping them up in a swimsuit that is right for you. Don’t dye your hair rocker red either, it will only spoil your summer look. Any bright color on your head is a big NAY. If you really want to put some new color in your hair, choose light colors, like blond natural highlights.

More summer fashion tips for the hot-looking you

Make sure you eat more fruits and vegetables on the beach rather than chips or dessert. Drink lots of water when you’re slightly hungry, it’s one of the effective eating tips for weight loss and sufficient hydration. If you’re considering a summer hairdo, stick to short hair which will be an excellent option for the beach. In case you love your long hair, you can always enjoy the variety of starfish hairbands and barrettes to tame your gorgeous locks.

summer fashion tips

If you want to look gracefully taller, follow one of the slimming tricks a lot of female celebrities use. Wear monochromatic summer colors and two bracelets on each arm. The color of your summer clothing (white, for example) will make you look taller and trimmer, while the bracelets on your arms will focus the attention on the middle of your body. Try Shamballa bracelets, their effortless and casualness are perfect for the beach!

summer casual fashion

Embrace casual elegance when dressing up your best points and covering your less stunning bits for the summer. If you’re not comfortable wearing a tiny bikini, choose something else. It’s important to show off confidence in your body and feel hot when sporting your new look. What are the best working summer beauty tips for you?

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