Is Kate Upton plastic surgery-free?

August 22, 2012 0

Kate Upton is undoubtedly beautiful, charismatic and successful. She is not like the rest of models. She has more fat, she is very down to earth, loves to dougie and doesn’t seem to care that Victoria’s Secret casting director thinks she’s just your average blonde. The model may even lie about her measurements to the world, but hey, you can easily get away with it as long as the world is at your 20-year old feet!

People enjoy airing Kate Upton’s dirty laundry which turns the supermodel into a walking controversy. Envious girls her age call her piggy fat. Pervy guys spread nasty rumors about her. Plastic surgeons state that Kate Upton’s breast augmentation is their work of art. Is Kate Upton plastic surgery free? For a 20-year old she looks very natural. Check out her bio to see her high school yearbook pics and make sure the lucky devil with heavenly boobs has always been attractive.

kate upton plastic surgery

Even without makeup Kate Upton looks charmingly sweet. The most controversial part of the model’s physique is her bust. Most men love it, most women (say they) don’t. The main thing is that lots of people state that Kate Upton’s bouncy sisters have been secretly fed some spicy implants and now flaunt them here, there and everywhere. Even if Kate Upton cosmetic surgery rumors are true, we can only wish her bigger success and full-figured income!

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