Kate Upton without make up but with mustache

August 22, 2012 0

We won’t be surprised if Kate Upton runs for president. We won’t be surprised if she wins the election. We may even support Kate Upton and her ample talents. But only if she teaches us how to dougie. Our very favorite ‘Sports Illustrated’ cover girl is now a national sensation. She is all over the net smiling away at some of the most unflattering comments released by the haters.

She’s been called fat, overrated, cheap and having ‘that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy’. Rumor has it that Kate Upton’s breast implants is the only reason for such a sudden career upswing. Victoria’s Secret’s casting director herself called Kate Upton ‘too obvious’ and ‘too blonde’ for the brand’s annual runaway show.

kate upton without make-up

Oh well even such high-profile comments don’t prevent ever-smiling Kate from earning good money super-modeling. In fact, Kate Upton is enjoying her 2-nd consecutive year as a ‘Sports Illustrated’ bikini cover girl. What makes her different from other models that look unreachably beautiful is that Kate’s looks bring the heavenly bum of the whole fashion industry back to earth.

Have a look at Kate Upton without makeup and you’ll see her sweet moustache. Check out her boobs, and you’ll realize they’re larger than life (but still not perfect). Focus on her stomach and you may start thinking that this model really is overrated. However, her pics and vids are circling all over the Internet making a splash. Everyone wants to know Kate Upton’s biography along with her measurements and other achievements.

kate upton no makeup

It’s Kate’s imperfections that attract people’s positive and negative attention (along with her daddy’s millions we believe, but hey, we’re not saying her boobs don’t make the world go round). When you see the pics of Kate Upton with no make up and notice her pronounced facial hair, pimples and features of a real human being, you happily relate to this image. Kate Upton is wonderful and her mustache gives hope for us mere mortals!

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