Pejazzling: vajazzling for men

October 23, 2012 2

Good news, gentlemen. Now you don’t have to get all jealous of your ladies for their glittering down-under areas. Lucky for you, pejazzle is here. So now you can spice up your boring genitalia too! Pejazzling is a beauty treatment where you get your privates waxed and the hair is replaced by sparkly sequins.

Pejazzling is vajazzling for men who love their bodies and are open-minded enough to try everything shiny and new. It’s a line of ‘stick-on crystals just for men’ with special ‘male’ designs and patterns. A lot of guys wear pejazzle over their tattoos to make the design look even more extraordinary.

vajazzling for men vajazzle for guys

While initially vajazzling was meant to be used as a technique that only females practiced to wear in the pubic area, now it has evolved and has become rather popular among men. Most vajazzling salons in the UK and almost anywhere in the world offer vajazzle for guys and girls.

Men’s vajazzle experiences: groin embellishment rocks!

Pejazzling is the male version of vajazzling and is a portmanteau of ‘penis’ and ‘bedazzling’. Although primarily it is meant to decorate the area above your stick of rock, now guys are very much into bedazzling any area on their body: neck, back, arm, leg etc. On to men’s vajazzle experiences!

In the pic below you’ll see Gavon, the BuzzFeed editor who volunteered himself up for pejazzling. He didn’t choose Completely Bare spa in NYC as his preferable pejazzling scene. Maybe that’s why he was offered only four designs that were all technically for vajazzling. The ‘Enter’ sign was one of their most popular designs.

mens vajazzle

Pejazzled Gavon said he “felt like a new, fancier, textured man. The process wasn’t painful in the least. Okay, it was painful in the least. But nothing a real, pejazzled man can’t handle! Also, and this can’t be emphasized enough, wine really does help’. Editor’s note: the woman on this vajazzle video could handle vajazzle without any wine and with a smile on her face!

Pejazzling pictures

There are two most popular ‘male’ pejazzle designs: an ‘iron cross’ design and a ‘red lips’ design. Both are hot. Both will be favored by any attractive guy who wears bling earrings or a diamond watch. It’s just a kind of a crystal tattoo which is more temporary than a real one.

pejazzling pejazzle pictures

What’s interesting is that you can even have your head ‘pejazzled’. If you’re bald, you can become even hotter by opting for a head bedazzling. The art of groin embellishment has evolved massively over just a few years! You can see vajazzling pics here. Would you have your ‘precious gent’ pejazzled? Sound off below!


  1. bryanthaman March 25, 2013 at 6:15 am -

    Aw I’ve got to get me that red lip thing :-) Sezzy!

  2. Batman March 26, 2013 at 6:10 am -

    nothing a real pejazzled man can handle! Now that’s funny. How about getting a real job Gavon? ah haha!