Pics of vajazzing designs

October 21, 2012 2

How is your va-jay-jay feeling today? Is she all happy-in-love and in need of some special care to surprise her new friend? Or is your precious lady, on the contrary, feeling sad and lonely today? In either case, visiting a vajazzling salon will definitely perk her up and add some bling.

Have a look at the pictures of vajazzling below and discover this relatively new form of body art. Jennifer Love Hewitt started having her bikini area vajazzled after a painful breakup. Vajazzling became a great distraction and one of the actress’s first steps in coping with separation without visiting a therapist.

When Jennifer told everyone about it in this video, Completely Bare spa in NYC was bombarded with phone calls from ladies willing to become glitter goddesses just like their favorite actress. The unique beauty trend takes the bikini wax one step further by offering various vajazzling designs and ideas.

vajazzling pics

Vajazzling is exactly what it sounds like… If you still don’t know what vajazzling means and have very little idea how it works, you can read more about it on our website (Beauty section) or just look at vajazzling pics below and instantly get the picture. We’ve prepared some of the most amazing vajazzling designs for you.

vajazzling designs

At first vajazzling was all about applying glitter and jewels to your nether regions. In its wider meaning vajazzling is the art of applying genuine Swarovski crystals and other jewels anywhere on your body – neck, arms, stomach, back, ankles and bikini area (usually after getting a full, Brazilian, wax). You can watch vajazzling videos on Womanita when you’re though with our vajazzling photos.

vajazzling photos

Did you know there’s also vajazzling for men who are willing to make their treasure look even prettier? The creators of vajazzle crystal designs have heard all the glitter-loving men’s prayers, and answered them with the similar beauty craze for males. ‘Pejazzling’ is a bizarre beauty treatment implying that men, too, can shave their naughty hairs and glue Swarovski crystals above their penises.

pics of vajazzling designs

Now that everyone knows about vajazzling and wants to try it, they’ve created special vajazzling kits for you to be able to vajazzle yourself within the safety and comfort of your room. At we’ll tell your how you can try vajazzling at home and enjoy it. Make the most of vajazzling designs to spice it up with your boyfriend or add a touch of glamour to your toned bikini beach body.


  1. Chris24 March 25, 2013 at 6:20 am -

    It’s kinda weird pulling down a chick’s panties and seeing diamonds glued to her crotch. Vajazzling for men? FFs this is ridiculous!

    • inat March 26, 2013 at 6:13 am -

      My boyfriend loves my vajazzled crotch. Speak for yourself you cornball hick!