Sharon Stone: SHOCKING no makeup pic

August 6, 2012 0

Sharon Stone has been considered superhot ever since her ‘Basic Instinct’ aggressive popularity spread. The 54-year-old still looks quite well and has a fabulously stunning body for her age. We’ve seen Sharon’s attention-grabbing pictures where she sports various styles, hits the red carpet or just hangs out with friends:

  • we can’t get enough of Sharon Stone’s red carpet looks
  • we drool over her magazine covers
  • we smile at her cute remember-me nip slips
  • we’ve seen the pics with her young lovers
sharon stone no make up photo

But the recent photo of Sharon Stone without make up is a bit different from all the glamorous pics of this ravenous cougar we got used to seeing. In this makeup less pic the female sex symbol of two decades wears casual black T shirt and makes faces as if she doesn’t give a damn about what others will say. It seems that this time Sharon absolutely refused from all make up. Think it was the right decision?

Sharon Stone goes au naturel: her bare face slip

One good thing about Sharon Stone going au natural… at least it clearly shows that she got down to very little plastic surgery. We know that in 2010 she admitted to lip fillers saying: “Nobody loves me. I’m 103. My life would be better if I had better lips.” Gems like this can add Sharon more irresistible charm, but she definitely could use some make-up too.

sharon stone without makeup 2012

Using too much cosmetics is a bad idea, but Sharon Stone could’ve done something about herself to at least make her 2012 Dior ad seem credible. Sharon ages gracefully and still successfully flaunts her killer curves that go with the 27-year-old boytoy. But if you are the face of a famous brand like Dior, your mission is to look recognizable in public. What do you think of barefaced and barely recognizable Sharon?

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