Vajazzling at home

September 23, 2012 1

Good news, girls. If you can’t make it to Completely Bare spa in NYC or any other beauty salon where they offer vajazzle, you can try vajazzling at home – it’s easy if you let us walk you though the steps to getting sparkly at home. Feel free to read more about vajazzling if you’re still not sure what it is:

vajazzling at home

Vajazzling at home is going to be easy, especially if you choose a simple pattern. First you will need to make sure your pubic area is prepared (waxed or clean shaven, and dry). Of course, waxing is recommended because it lasts longer. Avoid applying crystals if your skin is irritated. Wait until it clears up.

How to vajazzle at home: instructions

Before you learn how to vajazzle at home by following the steps below, read a few tips on the procedure. First, a pre-made pattern is easier to apply than using individual crystals to get your pattern even. Second, be careful when using crystals on the freshly waxed skin, because the adhesive can aggravate it.

how to vajazzle at home

Ready to begin your home vajazzling session? Follow the instructions below to get the most of your vajazzling home kit:

  • peel the clear film slowly from the white backing
  • line up the pattern as planned: preferably on the top part of your pubic mons, not by the labia (otherwise you may take off part of the design when using toilet paper)
  • press firmly and hold for about ten seconds for the glue to stick better
  • in case some of the crystals stick to the white bottom at the very first stage of the procedure, you can later apply them using tweezers and eyelash glue

It’s best to let your vajazzle patterns set for about fifteen minutes before putting your clothes back on. If the crystals gradually fall off one by one, you can reapply them using a skin safe adhesive such as eyelash glue, for example. When you want the vajazzling pattern gone completely, just gently peel it off your skin.

Vajazzling kits for sale: because vajazzling at home is easy

Vajazzling designs are not only about hearts, arrows, flowers or smiling lips. You can have any message vajazzled on your body. If you want to surprise your gorgeous date, just let your vajazzled hot spot suggestively glisten ‘I want you’ showing them exactly what’s on your mind…

vajazzling kits for sale

Lots of online sources will offer you vajazzling kits for sale to ‘give you a real sparkle’. In most cases these kits will cost up to $20. Body jewels come in various designs and colors. Swarovski crystals can become a hot addition to your best outfit. They can be worn with lingerie or as an alternative if you’re feeling spicy!

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