Vajazzling FAQ: what does vajazzling mean?

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Welcome to our vajazzling FAQ. Here you’ll find out what vajazzling means, what it looks like, how long it lasts and a lot more details on this beauty trend. We’ll start with the first question: what does vajazzling mean? That’s an easy one, because most of our readers already know the answer.

For those who don’t, here it goes. The word ‘vajazzle’ is a blend of ‘vagina’ and ‘bedazzle’. The word ‘vajazzling’ means the act of applying glitter and jewels (most frequently Swarovski crystals) to your pubic area. In other words, vajazzling means bedazzling your va-jay-jay with crystals and making your precious lady shine like a crystal ball.

vajazzling faq what does vajazzling mean

Actually, you can have any part of your body vajazzled: arms, neck, legs, back etc. Swarovski crystals are created in Austria. They resemble diamonds and are said to be the best crystals in the world. These crystals come in a great variety of colors. Swarovski crystals used at Completely Bare spa in NYC were especially manufactured to be applied on the body.

What does vajazzling look like?

If you’re wondering what vajazzling looks like on the body, you can view the photos of vajazzling at our website. Having your holiest of holies customized with Swarovski crystals looks very beautiful and feels very refreshing. Vajazzling will spice it up in the bedroom for you and your partner and will make your bikini body look even hotter on the beach.

what does vajazzling look like

There’s also vajazzling for men which is also called ‘pejazzling’ (you’ve guessed the blend, right?). Obviously, a lot of men wanted their above-genitals area to glitter and shine just like their female sex partners’. Now it has finally become possible. What’s interesting is that UK vajazzling salons say that over forty per cent of their clientele are male.

How long does vajazzling last?

If vajazzling is done painstakingly and looked after properly, the vajazzle body crystals will last five to ten days or even longer. The vajazzle procedure entails using the glue that is especially designed to be applied on skin. You should know that the crystals are waterproof, and the glue is very strong.

how long does vajazzling last

To make sure you look after your crystals well, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight and rub on the decorated area. Try not to scratch the vajazzled area of your body and always remember about your little secret. If you treat your vajazzle crystals well, they will stay on your skin longer.

Is vajazzling safe? Is it painful?

Yes, it is safe. The glue used to apply Swarovski crystals on your skin is designed to be used on skin. It has been allergy tested and approved by medical specialists in the field of dermatology. It is safe even if your skin is sensitive. Avoid vajazzling if your nether regions are not fully waxed or are irritated.

No, vajazzling is absolutely painless. The self-adhesive vajazzle body crystals are flat on the side and only sit a few millimeters off the skin without causing any discomfort let alone pain. The crystals are not sharp at all. They won’t bother your or your partner. You’ll enjoy this shiny, new and spicy experience.

vajazzling means meaning

Can I vajazzle over my tattoos?

Yes, you can add sparkle to an already existing design on your body. Feel free to use Swarovski crystals in and around any of your tattoos.

What happens when the hair grows back after vajazzling?

Ideally, you should wax before having your va-jay-jay bedazzled. A wax keeps the skin smoother for a longer period of time. If you opt for waxing instead of shaving, you won’t have to deal with your pubic hair peeping over the crystals. So by the time your hair grows back, the crystals will have fallen off.

When and how did vajazzling become popular?

NYC beauty salons have been using Swarovski crystals after Brazilian wax for years. But it’s only since 2010 that the ‘vajazzling’ trend has exploded in popularity. It was Jennifer Love Hewitt who kicked off the ‘vajazzling’ craze two years ago, making the word hit the mainstream at the beginning of 2010.

vajazzle faq

Jennifer says she’s still vajazzling in 2012. The actress loves the exciting side of being a woman, because there are these “little beauty things” you can indulge in to make yourself feel special. “I can walk around all day and think, Nobody has any idea that I have a sparkly secret in my pants right now”, the actress adds.

We hope our vajazzling FAQ was helpful. If you have anything to add, feel free to do it in the comments!

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