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August 22, 2012 0

Vajazzling is the procedure you can choose after waxing your lady parts. It’s something that makes you feel shiny and new whenever you feel sad or simply bored with your beauty routine. The popularity of vajazzling in Sydney has skyrocketed because of the amazing result and effect it has on women.

If you’re here looking for vajazzling salons in Sydney, you sure know what vajazzling means and may have even seen how it works. Vajazzling is especially great if you want to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day or let your lady parts sparkle for any other special occasion.

vajazzling salons Sydney

Decorated lady parts will contribute to the shared intimacy of your relationship. Vajazzling has been widely popular since 2010, after Jennifer Love Hewitt has advertised it to the world. In this post you will find out about two of the most popular vajazzling salons Sydney city has to offer.

Vajazzling Sydney: your disco ball of a crotch!

Various vajazzling salons in NYC have been offering the service for years before it was made popular by Jennifer Love Hewitt. The crystals are specifically designed to be worn on the body’s nether regions. Before trying vajazzling in Sydney, we’re offering you to read more on this trendy beauty stunt:

vajazzling Sydney

Vajazzling is safe and painless for both you and your partner. Vajazzling is done after you get a full Brazilian wax. You can vajazzle your va-jay-jay or any other part of your body. By the way, you don’t have to go to a Sydney salon to be vajazzled. You can get a vajazzle home kit and enjoy the result within the comfort of your room.

Vajazzling salons in Sydney: ‘Ciao Bella’ and ‘Les Smooth’

If you’re a Sydney fan of vajazzling, there are two great salons that offer this sparkling beauty trick. One of them is called ‘Ciao Bella’, and the other one is called ‘Les Smooth’. ‘Ciao Bella’ specializes in waxing, spray tans and various beauty treatments. The salon offers special gift vouchers and the possibility to make a booking online at their website.

les smooth ciao bella vajazzling

As for ‘Les Smooth’ salon, its main specialization is female and male Brazilian waxing which also includes vajazzling services to spice up your wax. The salon stands out by offering you the highest level of professional service to cater to all your waxing needs and preferences. So if you’re searching for vajazzling salons in Sydney, these two are your best options.

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