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September 11, 2012 0

Vajazzling is still popular for women getting married, anniversaries, random sparkles of passion between lovers… It’s a great way to surprise your Valentine on February 14th, by the way. Before watching vajazzling videos on you can learn more about this beauty trend that has been staying popular since 2010:

vajazzling video vajazzle videos

You may have heard that Jennifer Love Hewitt started the whole trend. The actress’s vajazzling announcement stirred up the ladies, especially the ones who thought Jennifer was fantastic. When they heard their favorite actress was vajazzling, they felt like vajazzling too!

You can watch Jennifer Love Hewitt vajazzle video from ‘Lopez Tonight’ below.

By the way, you don’t have to visit a beauty salon to get all vajazzled. Learn how to vajazzle at home in one of our posts or by watching the video below.

If you prefer to have your ‘precious lady’ vajazzled at one of the trendiest spas out there, you may want to choose Completely Bare spa in NYC. One of our vajazzle videos (find it below) shows the procedure at Completely Bare spa.

Have you ever had your va-jay-jay bedazzled? Share your impressions in the comments…

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