Ashton Kutcher: plastic surgery? Never!

August 13, 2012 0

Ashton Kutcher is considered to be very handsome in Hollywood. He is now officially among the highest paid actors on US TV. He’s got a cute tiny dog he loves much more than all of his female friends (including Demi). He’s got Alessandra Ambrosio pressed against him in the hottest fashion pics of the week… The guy is making the most of what his starry life has to offer:

  • he’d made the most of Demi Moore which boosted his fame and fortune for sure
  • rumor has it, that the couple even enjoyed threesomes (if the gossip is true, Demi is very much into ladies…)
  • now he’s making beneficial ‘friends’ with Mila (Ashton and Mila Kunis in Bali looked very… erm tight)
  • he’s enjoying the company of Alessandra who is just a ‘friend’
ashton kutcher plastic cosmetic surgery

Whether Ashton is your type or not, you’re most likely interested in the impact his mercurial nose may have had on his upswinging career. But oh you are so insensitive, you don’t know Ashton Kutcher, plastic surgery is what he hates. He never has and never will go under the knife – never ever! He’s too handsome to be interested in tweaking his lil imperfections. That’s what all celebrities say when it comes to discussing their multiple cosmetic ‘jobs’.

Ashton Kutcher: before and after nose job

But if we look at the former male model’s before and after pictures, we can notice that some changes definitely have been made to his nose. Take a closer look, really. Ashton Kutcher may have had a minor surgery done to make his nose look smaller at the tip and narrower in the middle. There still are the bridge and the bumps the actor is famous for. The whole change is subtle, but noticeable.

ashton kutcher before and after nose job

Ashton Kutcher’s nose job (or jobs even) may have also contributed to his tip of the nose looking a little bit pinched and jagged – something that’s typical for celebrities who ‘have never done and never will do plastic surgery’, just like Ashton. If Ashton Kutcher did go under the knife, let’s give credit to his talented plastic surgeon who managed to refine his wide bridge and preserve the almost natural look of the dude’s nose.

Ashton Kutcher and rhinoplasty: rhino what?

Even though there are a few plastic surgeons who say Ashton’s nose looks natural, the actors’ devoted fans believe he’s had two nose jobs. Indeed, Ashton Kutcher’s rhinoplasty will most likely remain a secret, but the photos do show us a more refined look of Ashton’s ‘recent’ nose. By the way, it will cost you up to 8 thousand dollars to correct your nose in a similar way.

ashton kutcher rhinoplasty

Despite their acting talents, most celebrities get quite nervous when asked about cosmetic or plastic surgery. They’d rather tell stories about their unique beauty regimes involving bird poop facials, snails and scorpion stings than admit to plastic surgery. The ever-youthful Tom Cruise and plastic surgery never have and never will be friends either…

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