Demi and Ashton split up because of what?

August 21, 2012 0

A source close to Demi and Ashton revealed more details on the couple’s split. Yes, they were fighting, and Kutcher had been cheating on Demi for some time. But, rumor has it that Demi understands cheating a bit more differently than most of us traditional gals. She is ok with the relationship being ‘open’ as long as she’s aware of (and takes part in) her spouse’s flings.

As a matter of fact, bisexual Demi was all for the idea of bringing other women into their relationship for casual flings. They say she needed a bit more than Ashton could give her sexually, so she didn’t mind another woman in their bed as long as the couple is ok with that and does it just for fun. The only condition was that Demi should always be involved.

demi and ashton split up

People close to the couple say Demi and Ashton split up because Ashton had turned their threesomes into twosomes without letting Demi know about it… Now that’s cheating, according to Moore’s views. Demi’s last straw with Kutcher was his public affair with Sara Leal. According to sources, Ashton hadn’t used protection with the party girl, and this very fact infuriated Demi.

When the fling came to light with all the spicy details, Moore decided she’d had enough with the cheating hubby. So what do we have now? She’s still skinny and devastated because of their split. She hadn’t changed her Twitter handle and probably still hopes to reconcile. While Kutcher, who must’ve gotten into the swing of it, is moving on at the speed of light. He’s spending time with Mila Kunis in Bali and enjoys fashion shots with Alessandra Ambrosio on the beach.

Don’t you think that creating your own ‘rules’ for your ‘open marriage’ is a slippery slope for those women who at the same time demand fidelity? Men easily give in to temptations, so if you’re in an ‘open marriage’, you should be ready for unpleasant surprises. One day your freedom-loving spouse may forget to let you know that tonight’s threesome is going to happen without you… That’s when you may start asking yourself whether you need marriage counceling or even consider divorce. Just like Demi and Ashton.

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