Pics of Candice Swanepoel without make-up

August 5, 2012 0

Finding a photo of a celebrity without any make-up and Photoshop is almost impossible. Still there are pics where Hollywood stars and models at least have that fresh-faced look with minimum make-up. We’ve posted some photos of Candice Swanepoel without make-up or with very subtle on for your viewing pleasure.

With or without makeup, This Victoria’s Secret Angel looks devilishly good!

candice swanepoel without makeup

Candice Swanepoel’s fresh face is perfect… She looks amazing even when sporting a casual look.

candice swanepoel fresh face

Candice Swanepoel has one of the best female celebrity beach bodies of 2012, that’s for sure! When you have a body like this, you can forget about wearing make-up for good.

candice swanepoel no make up

Candice Swanepoel recently became a new face of rag & bone’s DIY project. Just like all models who had taken part in the project, Candice was given clothes and a camera and asked to style and take pics of herself wherever she chose. She chose the amazing beaches between Brazil and Bora Bora, showing us her unique style. She was dancing to Bob Marley when taking these pics. And looks like she almost wore no make-up that day!

candice swanepoel for rag and bones DIY project

Candice with her boyfriend of 6 years Hermann Nicoli and almost with no make-up. Long-term love freshens her up… as well as lots of exercising and some healthy food!

make up less candice swanepoel with boyfriend

Candice Swanepoel diet plan and regular exercise routines aren’t easy to follow. She works hard to stay in shape, and her efforts definitely pay off.

candice swanepoel w o make up

Irresistible Candice with a down-to-earth touch of random photographers. What do you think of her looks without makeup?

candice swanepole no make up

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