Recent celebrity divorces

August 3, 2012 0

Most celebrities marry and divorce in the twinkle of an eye. Yeah, celebs change spouses just like some folks change underwear. No wonder, there are so many hotties to rest your eyes (and hands) on that the sacred idea of the Holy Matrimony breaks up over multiple temptations. There are exceptions (lovely gent Tom Hanks, for instance) but they are so rare that they only support the rule.

What is more, some of the recent celebrity divorces bring more benefits than problems to certain lucky celebs. Take Katie Holmes whose fashion line called ‘Holmes & Yang’ is enjoying an unprecedented popularity boost now that the sweet beautie has filed for divorce. In other words, most celebrity divorces (never gracefully but always effectively) put them in the spotlight. What more could a celeb want, after all?

Latest celebrity divorces: bye bye Tommie baby good-bye

After five years of marriage Katie finally filed for divorce from Tom, who was allegedly dumbfounded by the news. A lot of possible reasons for their divorce were unofficially spoken of, from Scientology to Tom’s obsessively controlling behaviour and disrespect towards Katie. Some folks even say the marriage might have been doomed by Tom’s crazy couch stunt on Oprah’s show. What an insightful suggestion!

recent celebrity divorces

They say Katie and Tom realized their marriage was over a while ago. Whether it’s about Scientology or not, we cannot say. Tom may be a total nutjob, and Katie may be too sweet for such a complicated lonely errr wolf, but damn it, they were such an amazingly good-looking couple! Sad news about this major breakup definitely stands out among other latest celebrity divorces and separations. How soon do you think will Tom find another ‘Katie’? Oprah’s magic couch will show!

tom cruise couch stunt

Some more recent famous celebrity divorces

Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony: too bad these pics were taken some time after the divorce. Too bad it’s only a friendly hug (don’t tell Anthony). No reason to be jealous Smart guy, this gorgeous cougar is on the prowl for you. For now…

famous celebrity divorces

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher: she was bold, she was brave, her youth and beauty die so hard that even when devastated she looks trim and more or less collected. He’s a jerk, that’s beyond question. He has chosen some other MILAdy now. Famous celebrity divorces and break-ups happen so fast, that very soon any pun becomes irrelevant. LOL

latest celebrity divorce

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger: Arnie is only a human, he’s made a mistake. Maria is a worthy woman, she won’t forgive. If only life was that loud and clear!

celebrity divorce

The angriest starry spouses hire the most vicious celebrity divorce lawyers out there to sort out the yummy financial moments and issues involving child custody. Others break up without extra fuss and each other’s dirty laundry on our faces. All that we, average folks, are left with when observing another famous celebrity divorce is this slightly sad movie aftertaste and an urge to watch a better comedy next time!

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