4 warning signs of a failing marriage

August 10, 2012 1

There may come a time when you feel your marriage isn’t working. Don’t panic and try to pin down the source(s) of your family problems. If you’re too upset, confused and unable to do it so far, read the warning signs of a failing marriage below. They may help you identify your problem fast and start working on repairing the damage before it’s too late.

4 warning signs of a failing marriage or a long-term relationship in jeopardy:

  • futile conversations, blind interaction: staying up late talking is something that you no longer practice, while most of your conversations get down to discussing household chores and errands. Sometimes you just shake your head in agreement without actually being there and listening to your partner
  • zero consideration for each other’s feelings: you no longer ask your spouse’s opinion on various subjects. You just do what you think is best for you without taking into account how your partner may feel
  • you no longer work in tandem: making plans, setting goals and achieving them together is something that you’ve stopped doing a while ago; togetherness is being lost both when it’s about the platonic and sensual sides of your relationship
  • you press your partner’s hot buttons and enjoy it: if you hurt your partner intentionally, it’s a big sign of marriage problems and possibly even an indicator that you need to pass this marriage counseling quiz
warning signs of a failing marriage

Another sign of a failing marriage is when you no longer give and take. Instead, in your mind your marriage is a ‘Tit for Tat’ game where you remember everything you are contributing and compare it with how much your partner isn’t catching up with you. In a happy marriage, both partners’ desires are taken into consideration. When it’s all about stress, irritation and anger, your needs are always placed first.

Is my marriage in trouble?

You no longer make an effort to keep the romance between the two of you alive and start seeing your relationship as a ball and chain. You don’t exchange “I love you’s” or any other expressions of emotions. You feel there’s a wall between you and your partner, and you no longer can call your spouse a friend, lover or comfort. All these are signs of a failing marriage or a troubled relationship.

is my marriage in trouble

Is my marriage in trouble?” is a tricky question. No one but a good therapist or you yourself can give you the justified answer to it. If you are experiencing at least three warning signs out of the several mentioned above, you might want to consider taking this crucial question to a marriage counselor. Remember that you can change and improve almost any situation in your life, as long as you really want the improvement.

Marriage in jeopardy: prevent and live happily ever after

Now that you know some of the biggest warning signs of a marriage in jeopardy, you can either work things out or start looking for a divorce lawyer. Whenever you can, and especially when you feel that something isn’t right within your marriage, and you and your spouse are facing difficult times, make sure you follow these expert’s tips:

  • avoid being critical or judgmental based on your own superiority
  • let go of blame and learn to honor your differences
  • take your sweetheart’s needs into consideration
  • treat each other respectfully even if you disagree
  • work on your marriage as a team: it takes two to tango
signs of marriage problems, marriage in jeopardy

If you and your spouse want your marriage to last and to be happy throughout the years, make sure you do your best to cherish your relationship. In case you feel your partner doesn’t appreciate you and your desire to live happily ever after, that’s a story for another post. It’s all about whether the two of you want to save your marriage or not (because you always can).

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  1. jennie March 27, 2013 at 7:46 am -

    If you don’t love your spouse nemore it means your marriage is in trouble. Simple as that!