Benefits of dating younger men

September 14, 2012 2

If you and your boyfriend are ten or fifteen years apart, it’s no big deal nowadays. There are lots of benefits of dating younger men, actually. First, your sex life is always much more exciting with a younger guy. He’s resourceful and fun, passionate and positive.

Second, chances are high your young lover ain’t got a beer belly. He’s fit and flexible – both physically and mentally. You won’t have to accept all his baggage from past marriages. He gives you freedom of enjoying life as it is without having to sacrifice your career for the sake of relationship.

benefits of dating younger men

There’s no doubt that dating younger men is fun. It’s an adventure that a woman will only be able to truly savor once she actually tries it. If you don’t even consider dating someone younger than you fearing the relationship will fail, you’re missing out on lots of yummy perks. If you love and trust each other, age difference doesn’t mean a thing.

Dating a younger guy: big time sensuality

Your young lover has got a stunning bum. His body is something you want to wrap yourself around 24/7. What’s even more important is that your younger beau is in the prime of his testosterone pumping life. Which means his stamina in bed is beyond unbelievable. Although Sharon Stone without make-up was a mistake, ‘Basic Instinct’ star made the right choice with her hot boytoy.

dating a younger guy

Dating a younger guy is about passion, your professional success and lots of hot moments you don’t want to miss… It’s a perfect option for women who are dating someone after a divorce and don’t really want to rush into a commitment. They want to take it slow, enjoy their freedom and fit bodies of their young boyfriends. The future of the relationship is all up to you. May-December romances succeed when both partners aim at success.

Health benefits of dating younger men

Health is contagious. If your younger partner leads a healthy lifestyle, you will most likely start doing it too. He’s got lower cholesterol and blood pressure, you’ll keep up just because you are inspired enough to feel even younger than your beau. Health benefits of dating younger men are immense:

  • you just have to look your best, so you finally embrace the reasons to work out
  • you have more energy and lead a more active lifestyle as a result
  • you engage in the outdoor activities with your young boyfriend
  • dating a younger guy boosts your emotional health
  • not to mention how healthy it is to enjoy the ultimate sensuality you’re experiencing
dating younger men

While older men are usually frustrated with their lives and stressed out from their work, younger guys are more focused on appreciating you. You’ll never get bored with your young lover. You’ll always feel wanted and loved. No pressure, no extra commitment, no limits to your emotional and actual freedom. What more can a woman want?

Female cradle robbers have got the power

If you’re an active woman who loves going out with friends, going camping on weekends, hitting rock concerts or night clubs etc., you will enjoy dating younger guys and all the benefits that come with it. With a young lover your social life will be as colorful and satisfying as you would like it to be.

dating younger guys

Having a young hot man at your side is a huge self-esteem booster. It will make you keep your hair styled and your body tight. You will thrive on feeling a lot younger than you actually are. Your young lover will be flexible enough to support your decisions and make your desires come true. Read about the benefits of dating young women here.


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    JayLo knows the perks of dating a younger man! hehe

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      age is just a number hun…