How to deal with anger after divorce

August 12, 2012 2

If you have ever gone through a break-up, you know the taste of real anger: raw and bitter. If you have ever felt post divorce anger, you sure don’t like the monster these negative feelings turn you into. You want to successfully start your life over, that’s understandable. But you should realize that it’s only possible after you release your anger.

If you want to know how to deal with anger after divorce or break-up, read on and consider any anger-managing solution that feels right for you. Post-separation anger is giving you twice more wrinkles every single day, so hurry up and do your best to let the negativity go. All’s fair in battling your post-love anger, but the tips below can become your best anger management strategies.

Grease your post divorce anger rather than your ex

Did you know that anger, greed and foolishness are considered 3 poisons of the mind by Buddhists? In a way it is very true. However, feeling angry with your ex for a short period of time is even healthy. It’s one of the initial stages of healing, the one where you still don’t want to accept the fact that your marriage has gone down the drain. But it’s important to leave the post-divorce anger behind soon.

how to deal with anger after divorce

Here’s how you can go through a divorce successfully battling your anger:

  • set a deadline: allow yourself to be angry but only until a certain day when you decide to forgive and forget (no more than 2 months after the divorce)
  • look at your angry self in the mirror: imagine you’re telling your friend about your ex’s lies while doing it; you’ll see for yourself that anger affects your beauty
  • start looking for a good man: consider dating again after divorce but don’t look for a rebound relationship; take your time and find someone you’ll genuinely want to be with
  • feel sympathy for your ex now that you know him and his reasons: if he’s a liar, feel sorry for him because he can never change; if he’s a cheater, find strength to feel compassion for him because he’ll never find true happiness
post divorce anger

You’re not alone with your anger, a lot of women feel it after break-up. Look at Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes or Demi Moore and Jennifer Lopez. Celebrity women are humans too which means they all feel anger at some point when their family life doesn’t work. Some of them hide it behind their pride or a hefty divorce settlement, others release it faster thanks to their muscle-clad boytoy distractions.

Anger after divorce doesn’t suit any woman

Anger is bad for your health, both mental and physical. It causes heart disease, diabetes, worsens already ‘active’ ailments. The ability to forgive and let go, on the contrary, gives you the possibility to feel and look better, live longer, improve overall health and wellness. When you realize it (or experience it at first hand) you will become even more motivated to let your bad feelings fly away.

anger after divorce

Anger is paralyzing and helpless, it’s a total absence of control. It deprives you of your skills, your talent, your natural capacity for getting things done well and creative. When you’re angry, you are drinking deadly venom supposing to kill someone else. In this sense giving in to anger after divorce for too long is plain stupid. You don’t want to wind up stupid after going through such an enlightening stage of your life, do you?


  1. younghun March 26, 2013 at 6:46 am -

    When I got divorced I started traveling extensively. I found my new love in Spain 2 years ago. My advice is travel, live your life and forget about the past failures.

  2. jennie March 27, 2013 at 7:43 am -

    Too much anger is poisonous for one’s health.