Secret wedding ceremony: keep it on the low

August 10, 2012 1

Have you ever wondered why some people keep their wedding ideas and plans under wraps? Reasons are mostly clear when it’s about high-profile celebrity wedding ceremonies: some famous people (who are not publicity hounds) just don’t want haters to buzz around and paparazzi to hide in the trees secretly taking pictures of their special moments.

Take Natalie Portman who married Benjamin Millepied on August 4. Now that she’s successful enough not to attract extra attention, she can afford a secret wedding in a private location. The couple’s wedding ceremony was a mystery to almost everyone except their close-knit family and friends. Now it seems that the lovebirds’ secrecy has made an even bigger splash than huge attention-grabbing celebrity weddings.

secret wedding ceremony

So why do the non-famous couples choose the idea of a secret wedding ceremony instead of tweeting the news to the world? First, keeping it a secret spares you the drama of making your most special day perfect of someone else. Second, it inspires you to have a wedding you’ve always wanted instead of falling into a comparison trap. Third, secret weddings are so exciting!

Planning a small secret wedding

Even if you’re going to have a private ceremony with just a few guests invited, your wedding day is a big deal. You will worry about all the details that you’ve carefully pulled together willing to impress your family and friends without expanding the budget. While planning a secret wedding you won’t face all the stress of outside factors.

How to plan a secret wedding:

  • make a short guest list: invite only those you really want to see at your wedding
  • choose the best venue for your secret wedding: tell everyone you’re celebrating a ‘birthday’ or anything else alternatively. The idea with the ‘cover party’ will contribute to your surprise intentions
  • book only the vendors you really need: good photographer, professional caterer
  • do your wedding dress shopping, choose a cake you absolutely love, plot venue decoration: prepare for your secret wedding as you would for any other ceremony
  • when guests arrive, have the party kick off as it would be a typical ‘cover’ party
  • when everyone is present make the creative announcement that a wedding is actually going to take place
planning a secret wedding

Get married and enjoy the party where you’ll tell everyone how you were prepping for your secret wedding. If you’re plotting a private or surprise ceremony, enjoy the benefits of keeping everything secret. These days, when everyone is putting the pics of themselves up on Instagram the moment after they say ‘I do’, keeping your sacred events to yourself feels very romantic.

Why couples choose small private wedding ceremonies

There are tons of reasons why a lot of couples choose to have private wedding ceremonies with smaller guest lists. You get to celebrate the happiest day of your entire life with people you love. You’re free to do whatever you want at the party feeling at home with your guests. You can spend time with all your guests making everyone who is present feel welcome.

small private wedding ceremonies

More benefits of a small private wedding:

  • you save money and yet have the possibility to splurge on a gorgeous wedding dress, unforgettable dinner or entertainment
  • you get the freedom to customize each and every detail of your wedding to your unique liking
  • you and your guests will be spared that uncomfortable sense of fulfilling a social obligation: everything within the ceremony will feel natural and genuine

If you want to have a ceremony that everyone will remember, a small private wedding is the best option. If you do your best when planning it, your secret wedding with a smaller guest list will be among the unique events most of your guests have never been to. With larger ceremonies things tend to get quite impersonal and fussy. A smaller intimate affair, au contraire, will give you the possibility to cherish each moment of your wedding.

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  1. jennie March 27, 2013 at 7:47 am -

    Secret ceremonies are so intriguing. Makes me think of it as something you want to keep to yourself.