3d pavement art

November 4, 2012 1

3d paintings, whether they are created in chalk or paint, on walls or pavement, depict a brand new way of combining the power of Renaissance art techniques with the bold and transient qualities of breathtaking street art. 3d pavement art gives graffiti a whole new flavor.

While graffiti is usually interpreted as vandalism in the forms of images and letters on public property, 3d sidewalk art is represented by the amazing pavement art illusions that suck you in and take your breath away. 3d pavement art has been created for centuries and is becoming more popular over the years.

3d pavement art

Street artists like Kurt Wenner, Tracy Lee Stum and Eduardo Relero create pavement paintings that are impossible to pass by without immersing yourself in their captivating universes. The most important thing is to get the angle correct. This way you will see the paintings ‘come alive’.

3d pavement artwork

Julian Beever, one of the most talented 3d chalk artists whose drawings are well known all over the world, has even been given the nickname ‘The Pavement Picasso’. He’s been practicing the anamorphic technique since the mid 1990s. The English artist creates his amazing drawings just for a day. Next day they’re washed away by rain or walked upon by pedestrians.

Oh well, at least we have numerous examples of Julian Beever’s 3d pavement artwork captured in photos!

3d pavement artwork julian beever

Kurt Wenner is known as the founding father of 3d pavement art and is considered to be one of the most skilled 3d street artists of our time. He is known for transforming Renaissance classicism into 3d pavement art in an unbelievably extraordinary way. The artist has been perfecting his talent since 1982. Have a look at one of his masterpieces below called ‘Office Stress’.

3d pavement artwork kurt wenner

If you are impressed by surrealism paintings in their vast variety, you will appreciate Eduardo Rolero’s shockingly breathtaking pavement paintings. The Argentinean artist travels all over the world creating his surreal 3d artwork on the streets. His works give the illusion of phantasmagoric book characters crossing over into the human realm!

3d pavement artwork eduardo rolero buscador de cordialidad

The pavement painting by Eduardo Rolero posted above is called ‘Buscador de cordialidad’. Literal translation is ‘Cordiality Searcher’. If 3d pavement art was all about sensible reality, we’d dare to shift metaphors in the direction of ‘Heart Digger’. Would you risk sharing a slice of your ‘cordiality’ with such a sweet guy?

Thrilling pavement art

The technique used by the pavement artists is called ‘trompe l’oeil’ (French for ‘deceives the eye’) or anamorphosis. The eccentric beauty of each sidewalk painting literally tricks the eye of a ‘beholder’ into seeing 3d paintings created on a 100% flat surface. You can see more of pavement art at Womanita.com in the Entertainment section. Enjoy being artistically leg-pulled!

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    Gosh these paintings are so realistic. People’s talent is boundless…