3d pavement artists: chalk magic on sidewalks

September 3, 2012 0

In this post we’ve compiled a list of the world’s top 7 most gifted 3d pavement artists showcasing some of their artwork. Those guys are: Kurt Wenner, Edgar Mueller, Eduardo Rolero, Julian Beever, Manfred Stader, Tracy Lee Stum and Nikolaj Arndt.

These brilliant 3d pavement art practitioners have crafted an astonishing skill of deceiving the eyes of passersby into seeing 3d sceneries on flat asphalt. Enjoy reading more about the history of 3d sidewalk art and the technique pavement artists are using to transform their images into the realistic realm.

3d pavement artist

3d sidewalk artists are found all over the world: in the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, South America and Russia. Thousands of people enjoy their masterpieces created on city sidewalks. 3d sidewalk art has been growing in technique, style, design and popularity since 1800s.

3d chalk artists: names and artwork

Kurt Wenner is one of the most experienced 3d chalk artists in the world. He has been working in the field of ‘pavement illusion’ since 1980s. By using complex calculations, the artist creates stereoscopic images that transform magic into reality. His painting below is called ‘Hell’.

3d chalk artist kurt wenner

Edgar Mueller is a German 3d chalk artist. He completely devoted himself to street painting when he was 25 (in the 1990s) and started to make a living with his art. His painting below is called ‘The Cave’.

3d chalk artist edgar mueller

Julian Beever is a UK 3d chalk artist currently living in Belgium. He’s been creating the amazing chalk drawings on pavement surface since the mid-1990s. His painting below is called ‘Making Mr. Snowman’.

3d sidewalk artist julian beever

Eduardo Rolero is on the dark side of 3d pavement art. His 3 dimensional sceneries are awe-inspiring if not shocking. They suck you in and haunt you like grotesque dreams you can’t shake even hours after you’ve woken up. You can see more of Eduardo Rolero here. His painting below is called ‘Great Thieves’.

3d street artist eduardo rolero

Using 3d street art in advertising is a brand new and effective idea. 3d chalk artist Manfred Stader has an amazing ability to create brilliant street art advertising. You can see one of the examples below.

3d pavement artist manfred stader

Tracy Lee Stum is lucky to make her passion and hobby a business. The artist has done work for some big clients like Nike, General Motors, Nokia, Disney and The New York Times. Her painting below is called ‘Escape of the Mummy’.

3d chalk artist Tracy Lee Stum

Nikolaj Ardnt is a Germany-based street artist from Russia who creates stunningly looking 3d pavement paintings.

3d sidewalk artist nikolaj arndt

3d sidewalk artists: more about them

You can learn more about 3d sidewalk artists and see more pavement artwork in our other posts about sidewalk art illusions on pavement. Browse through Womanita, here you’ll definitely find something interesting to read and look at!

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