3d street art advertising

October 5, 2012 0

Outdoor advertising can take various forms. One of the newest and most effective is 3d street art advertising which is also referred to as 3d pavement art or sidewalk art promotion. You can read more about its origin and see the works of 3d street artists in one of our previous posts.

In this post we’ll discuss street art advertising as a great way to promote your services or products. If you want to attract people’s attention to your website, products or services, creating a 3d street ad is your best option. 3d pavement paintings look absolutely amazing, they will wow your potential clients.

street art advertising

Realistic sidewalk art illusions are eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Talented 3d chalk artists who provide street advertising services are good at creating stunning 3 dimensional sceneries that will attract the attention of thousands of potential customers. The number of viewers is really huge.

3d street art advertising

No doubt, a lot of people will take photos of your stunning 3d ad and then upload them to social media – that means even more potential buyers for you. Now imagine how successful your advertising campaign can be with the right approach and good professionals at your disposal.

Street art in advertising: winning your customers’ attention

Products and services are being showcased in various places: taxicabs, subways, buses, streets… The message communicated to the public through highway billboards and transit posters should be concise and to the point. Imagine that your message is conveyed through a magical 3d pavement painting that captures everyone’s interest. Street art in advertising brings success.

street art in advertising

The idea behind each outdoor ad should be brilliant and simple – a combination which is not so easy to accomplish. Your ad should gently and wittily push the viewer to make up their mind to buy your product or service. What can be more brilliant, simple and breathtaking all at once than an astonishing 3d painting representing your services? You know the right answer!

Pavement art advertising: more examples

For your 3d street art campaign to be created and delivered most successfully, you’ll need to find a company who has vast experience in this field. Of course, you can contact one of the prominent pavement artists directly (Kurt Wenner, Julian Beever, Manfred Stader, Eduardo Rolero etc), but it’s going to be very expensive.

pavement art advertising


sidewalk art advertising


street art ad


street art advert

The most cost-effective solution is finding the company that will offer you an end to end plan of your future campaign: from concept and design creation through delivery, event arrangement, viral film creation and publicity advice. You can find at least one UK-based organization that provides pavement art advertising services at the highest level.

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