Amazing 3d pavement paintings

October 31, 2012 0

3d paintings have been around since the 16th century when Italian and French painters created amazing murals to decorate the facades of expensive mansions. Nowadays 3d pavement paintings (also referred to as street paintings, chalk paintings, sidewalk paintings) are growing in popularity every day.

3d pavement art is captured in numerous pictures which are now being distributed all over the internet. Each pavement painting is awe-inspiring, it gives you the illusion of 3-dimensionality. The trick of 3d ‘works’ when a 2d painting is viewed from a specific angle to capture the right perspective.

3d pavement paintings

Sprawling over sidewalks, town squares and other public cites, artists render original and non-original artistic designs on pavement. They even paint on walls! A lot of 3d street artists are still unknown, while some of them are luckier to have gained international respect and commissions from places around the world.

Each pavement painting is awe-inspiring…

Kurt Wenner is a pioneer and one of the founding fathers of 3d pavement art. You can read more about him and see his works in one of the posts at our website. Some other talented 3d street artists are: Edgar Mueller, Manfred Stader, Julian Beever, Eduardo Rolero and Nikolaj Arndt.

pavement painting

They are magicians enough to trick your eyes into seeing 3-dimensional sceneries on a totally flat pavement. They use a projection technique called anamorphosis. It suggests looking at a painting from a certain angle for the illustration to ‘come alive’. So when it comes to admiring this art, it’s a matter of perspective.

3d pavement drawings around the world

The sidewalk art illusions have been popping up around the globe from England and Spain to USA and Latin America. Various brands make the most of the art to subtly (and successfully) advertize their products. Many cities in Europe and USA hold annual 3d sidewalk art festivals.

3d pavement drawings

The penchant for putting chalk to sidewalk was practiced by Italian vagabond artists. Nowadays a lot of 3d pavement painters work as freelance performance artists and create murals for companies. You can see some of the most impressive sidewalk paintings at and enjoy their absolutely real look. Most of these 3d pavement drawings are created only with chalk or pastels.

Amazing chalk drawings in pictures

When you look at the amazing chalk drawings below, you will find it difficult to distinguish what’s real and what isn’t. Although the paintings are vividly interpreted by your mind as real, you will not get splashed by the waves, nor will you fall from the precipice as certain apocalyptic scenarios imply.

amazing chalk drawing

Enjoy the pictures of the most prominent pavement painters’ works below. These pavement paintings come alive in a blink of an eye.

Kurt Wenner

amazing chalk drawings by Kurt Wenner

Julian Beever

3d pavement paintings by Julian Beever

Nikolaj Arndt

3d pavement paintings by Nikolaj Arndt

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