Eduardo Rolero artwork

August 25, 2012 1

If you are impressed by 3 dimensional pavement paintings, Eduardo Rolero’s artwork will definitely spark your interest. Eduardo Rolero is an Argentinean artist who currently lives in Spain. His sidewalk art illusions are strange if not creepy. His works are always captivating.

Eduardo Rolero enjoys travelling all around the world sharing his surreal 3d pavement drawings with the viewers. In his works real and painted characters blend and easily ‘interact’ with each other. Eduardo Rolero’s paintings will resemble you your strangest dreams.

‘Un mundo por delante’ (‘The World Ahead’)

eduardo rolero

‘Insensatez’ (‘Insanity’)

eduardo rolero artist

‘Corazón sabio’ (‘Wise Heart’)

eduardo rolero art

‘La deriva filosófica’ (‘Philosophical drift’)

eduardo rolero artwork

‘El gran guru’ (‘The Great Guru’)

eduardo rolero paintings

Unlike most other 3d street artists and practitioners, Eduardo Rolero artwork is mysterious and difficult to interpret or explain. The title of his painting may evoke positive feelings while the painting itself may look shocking. See the example here.

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  1. Lilo March 26, 2013 at 7:04 am -

    Wow this is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this before…