Introducing 3d sidewalk art

September 20, 2012 0

3d sidewalk art created by famous pavement artists is epic. 3d sidewalk art is something that takes your breath away and temporarily fools your senses. 3d pavement artists are brilliant at giving their illustrations 3 dimensionality when viewed from the right angle. It’s awe-inspiring!

Today, there are artists whose 3d sidewalk illusions can leave you with your jaw on the floor wondering what planet these images are from. You can learn more about Kurt Wenner, Edgar Mueller, Julian Beever, Eduardo Rolero, Tracy Lee Stum and other prominent 3d sidewalk artists at

3d sidewalk art

3d sidewalk art has been recorded throughout Europe since the sixteenth century. In the United Kingdom 3d sidewalk artist are referred to as ‘screevers’ (the terms is related to Shakespearean slang). In Italy street painters were (and are still) known as madonnari because they often painted the Madonna.

Chalk art on sidewalk: amore no more…

There’s an interesting legend connected with the history of chalk art on sidewalk. Once upon a time (in the 15th century) there lived an Italian artist who was very passionate about drawing objects with the new technique of 3d illusion. His wife didn’t understand this immense passion, because the artist preferred drawing all night long to spending nights with her.

chalk art on sidewalk

Poor woman never managed to bring her husband’s artistic emotion home. So much for Italian passion, you say? On the one hand, the situation easily evokes indignation… On the other hand, if it were not for this obsession with art, you’d never have experienced the magical feeling of vertigo that occurs when you see the amazing chalk drawings of today.

The history of 3d sidewalk art

As you may have guessed, the history of 3d sidewalk art dates back to the 16th century Italy. Madonnari created their amazing images in public squares and in front of local churches during festivities. Passersby would occasionally leave them food or throw coins, which is how the artists made their living.

When the festivities were over, madonnari would disappear just like their paintings would vanish with the first rain. For many decades madonnari were folk artists, drawing simple illustrations with simple materials. In the 1970’s things changed. A new generation of 3d sidewalk artists began to emerge.

the history of 3d sidewalk art

Street artists of new generation used chalk and pastels to create copies of well-known masterpieces on the streets. Some of the most outstanding artists created their own breathtaking 3d street paintings leaving the passersby awed and amazed. Kurt Wenner is one of these talented artists.

the history of 3d sidewalk art kurt wenner

Kurt Wenner is renowned for his realistic street masterpieces where traditional street painting techniques and classical art fuse into a unique style, all his own. According to the artist, the objects in his paintings look real “because they are calculated to be perfectly and mathematically accurate”.

3d sidewalk art: deceptive and astonishing all at once

As you can easily see from the artwork shown, the creators of these brilliant paintings have an extraordinary skill to produce work that is both illusory and real. 3d pavement art is solid and deep, despite its transient and easily disappearing phenomenon.

3d sidewalk art deceptive and astonishing all at once

Today there are so many 3d sidewalk art practitioners whose work is absolutely stunning. Naturally, it’s almost impossible to choose ‘the best’ painting among the pavement masterpieces and multiple extraordinary ideas behind them. One thing is for sure: 3d sidewalk art is amazing…

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