Kate Upton dancing gif: fit or fat?

August 9, 2012 2

Kate Upton is shaking her bum and flaunting her dougie moves all over the internet. Even though lots of people now say she’s getting fat, she’s still happy to shake her bits wherever she can. Most likely she won’t be among Victoria’s Secret models but that doesn’t upset the successful hottie much. You may think she’s fat but deep down you know that you absolutely love Kate Upton’s dancing moves.

kate upton fit or fat

Kate Upton’s bio is something that everyone is somehow interested in. Yesterday Kate Upton was luscious, today she’s fat, tomorrow she’ll grow a banana in her bikini bottom… While most men will just sit back and enjoy the Kate Upton gif below, women will passionately discuss the model’s shape. Now that the lean moment of truth is so thick with questions, tell us what you think about her physique. Is Kate Upton fit or fat?

fat kate upton dancing gif

By the way, Kate Upton is a perfect example of the positive body image. She loves her body and doesn’t give a damn about what others think.


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  2. Christina April 6, 2013 at 7:19 am -

    She looks ok, but she’s definitely not fit. Her waist is a mess and her shape is very awkward.This is not how a supermodel should look to me