Realistic sidewalk art illusions

August 19, 2012 0

If you’re in search of something beautiful and inspiring to look at, you will love the sidewalk art illusions presented in this post. Sidewalk art illusions are pavement paintings which, if viewed from the right angle, become 3 dimensional. Images come to life and almost interact with the viewer.

You will love realistic sidewalk art practiced by Kurt Wenner, Edgar Mueller, Julian Beever, Tracy Lee Stum, Eduardo Rolero, Manfred Stader and Nikolaj Arndt. If you want to learn more about the history of 3d sidewalk art and the technique used by these talented artists, you can find this info at

realistic sidewalk art illusions

The pavement painting above was created by Julian Beever, 3d street artist from England. The artwork by Julian Beever shines with magical images and extraordinary sidewalk art illusions. It features giant frogs, phantasmagoric buildings, illusory animals… A lot of his works resemble images from fairytales.

3d sidewalk illusions: dark and surreal

Unlike Julian Beever, Eduardo Rolero creates 3d sidewalk illusions that are dark, somewhat grotesque and absolutely surreal. His characters are most of the time more satirical, cynical, and even shocking. Just take a look at his 3d pavement artwork in this post. You can see more of Eduardo Rolero here.

3d sidewalk illusions

Eduardo Rolero’s painting posted above is called ‘Siempre Dentro’ (‘Always Inside’). It’s amazing how the artist uses real animals and people to blend in the series of his masterpieces. Eduardo Rolero creates artwork that is so surreal and alive all at once, you may have to watch your step…

Sidewalk art: optical illusions of the world

Manfred Stader is also among the pantheon of famed 3d sidewalk artists. You can see the photos of his painting below. The first one is called ‘Costa’. It was created in London’s Covent Garden. The frog design was made using chaff (a dry grain).

sidewalk art optical illusion

The artist combines 16th-century Italian folk art with 21st-century illusion painting using pastel chalk. It’s interesting to point out that sidewalk art optical illusions have found their expression in advertising. 3d street art advertising is a brilliant idea for outdoor promotion.

Pavement art illusions for your inspiration

Enjoy pavement art illusions below and get all inspired…

‘HDI’ by Manfred Stader

Commissioned by the German insurance company, this painting was created in Hamburg, Germany, in a parking garage. The artist said it took him almost a week to complete.

pavement art illusions

‘Desert Baby’ by Tracy Lee Stum

This painting was inspired by traditional desert culture the artist embraced during her travels in the Middle East. ‘Desert Baby’ was created for 2008’s Madonnari Italian Painting Festival in Santa Barbara, California. According to Tracy Lee Stum, the carpet design mimics the traditional style popular in the Middle East.

realistic sidewalk art

‘Waterfall’ by Edgar Mueller

Edgar Mueller is renowned for painting over urban areas to give his works “a different look, thereby challenging the audience’s perception”. The painting ‘Waterfall’ was created in Moose Jaw (Canada) on the occasion of the Prairie Arts festival in summer 2007.

realistic pavement art illusions

‘Reflections’ by Kurt Wenner

People on the upper part of the painting are real, while their ‘reflections’ at the bottom is an illusion created by the artist. Combining real people and their painted reflections in one masterpiece is such a refreshing idea!

sidewalk pavement art

What do you think of these sidewalk art illusions? What’s your favorite one?

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