Demi and Ashton are still married

October 17, 2012 0

Although Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have broken up a year ago, they are still (formally) married. Neither Demi nor Ashton has taken any legal step towards finalizing their marriage. Not a single movement in this direction has been made. Strange, isn’t it?

Think the couple is still hoping to battle their divorce fears and reconcile? Exceptionally unlikely. Well, at least for Ashton, whose hot lover Mila Kunis was recently given the Sexiest Woman Alive title (be proud, Ashton!). So why are Demi and Ashton still married?

Demi Moore is still married to Ashton Kutcher

According to previous reports, the couple has been fighting over cash, which stalled the process of legal separation. It was rumored that although Kutcher earned more during the final stage of their marriage, he still was very unwilling to pay a large settlement.

However, new reports claim that money has nothing to do with the couple not filing for divorce. Sources suggest that Demi and Ashton were never legally married, hence no legal separation happened. It allegedly was a ‘symbolic ceremony and not a legal marriage’.

Whatever the reason is, rumor has it that Demi Moore hasn’t yet recovered from her broken marriage and is still jealous over Kutcher’s blossoming relationship with Kunis. Do you think one day Demi can maintain a friendly relationship with Ashton just like she does with Bruce Willis?

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