Jennifer Aniston flaunts engagement ring

October 8, 2012 1

Jennifer Aniston finally wears it! The actress was recently spotted flaunting the giant engagement ring on her wedding finger in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The first glimpse of the sparkler was offered to paparazzi as Jen appeared in an affectionate display with her future husband Mr. Theroux.

Justin Theroux prepared the ring before popping the question to fiancée on his 41st birthday back in August. This blonde lady (who already had a very expensive diamond ring on her finger once) carefully kept this particular diamond under wraps. Until now. Read and weep. It’s an eight-carat diamond, and it is really huge.

jennifer aniston engagement ring

The two announced their engagement in August 2012 and have been staying out of sight since then. Now they’re back, and it shows enormously. So in case all your eyes are not yet turned to the Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux engagement news, this glimmering jewelry piece will definitely focus your attention.

Jennifer Aniston engagement ring: size matters

While lots of women will be happy to discover that their engagement rock is so heavy that they can use it for self-defense, some style experts offer an unfavorable verdict on Jen’s lavish jewelry piece. They say that Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring is too big to be considered stylish and sophisticated.

jennifer aniston engagement ring justin theroux

Although experts’ words about the ring being “completely at odds with Jennifer’s clean and elegant look” sound fair, I understand Justin’s motivation. He was obviously under immense pressure to get Jennifer an out-of-this-world ring. Jen’s engagement ring history is impressive, so the guy just had to hype it up with something incomparable.

In some respects the rock is exactly what has been expected of it – over the top and attention grabbing. Sources say Jen loves the ring and doesn’t give a damn about what the experts say. Until now she has been sporting a simple gold band to mark the engagement. The two have already favored New Mexico as their wedding spot. Something tells me they’re not planning a secret wedding

Total recall: Jen’s engagement ring from the past

Jen Aniston’s newly debuted engagement ring differs greatly from the one she got from Brad Pitt in her almost long forgotten 1999 love story. Brad and famous jeweler Silvia Damiani designed the ring especially for Jennifer. The rock estimated to be worth about $500,000. Jen’s new ring is said to have cost Justin a similar amount.

jennifer aniston engagement ring brad pitt

If anything, the actress’ new ring reminds the one Brad gave Angelina six months ago. Both rocks feature a hefty center stone instead of a collection of smaller stones. Although Brad co-designed the jewelry masterpiece for his now-wife too (it took him a year), Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring is said to cost less than Jen’s killer rock – only $250,000. Blame it all on bad economy!

Which bling do you like best?

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    Now that ring is too much. Really tasteless!