Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman: ex wives’ club

August 6, 2012 0

Rumor has it, that Tom Cruise’s soon to be third ex Katie Holmes has reached out to his second ex Nicole Kidman for support and advice when secretly planning the divorce. According to the reports, Nicole (who divorced Tom Cruise in 2001) has been very kind and supportive, helping Katie build up the courage and finally hire that celebrity divorce attorney to start the divorce process.

As a matter of fact, Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman have been private friends since the first year of Tom and Katie’s marriage. Nicole readily let Katie lean on her for help the day Katie realized that her fears for Suri were pouring over the top and her marriage was beyond repair. During the ex-wives’ club secret conversations (which were difficult to hide from Tom and his team) Nicole told Katie she ‘has no regrets’ adding she’s happy now.

katie holmes and nicole kidman

Nicole’s support was very important since she has been through the similar situation with the same man. Some time after divorcing Tom Cruise, Kidman met Keith Urban. They have two daughters, Sunday and Faith. Nicole Kidman recently publicly admitted that breaking up with Tom was very painful for her. She said she had been hopeless then, but things are different now.

What can we say… Katie sure has the right friends in high places but let’s give credit to Nicole Kidman. She offered genuine understanding to his ex’s future ex and became Katie’s companion in misfortune when she turned to her. As a wise woman Nicole told Katie that if there was light at the end of the tommel for the second ex, there will sure be some for the third, too. Now who said female friendship is a myth?

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