Are breast enhancement pills safe?

September 22, 2013 0

A lot of women nowadays are not satisfied with their bust size. Many of them want to look like full-bosomed celebrities who get boob jobs like it’s no big deal. Other ladies are looking to reconstruct their breasts after a mastectomy. If you’ve already researched on what to expect after getting breast implants and are not very happy about the risks, you may want to consider trying breast enhancement pills. However, there are serious scientific doubts as to their safety.

So are breast enhancement pills safe? Let’s figure out how they work before we make any conclusions. Breast enlargement pills are composed of herbal ingredients (e.g. fennel seed, fenugreek, wild yam etc.) These herbal-based pills create an estrogen-like effect on a woman’s body by triggering breast growth that occurs during puberty. As a result, they can (theoretically) increase your breast size. So what’s the fuss about them being unsafe?

are breast enhancement pills safe

There really is a degree of risk involved in trying breast enhancement pills, especially if you do it without your physician’s approval. The thing is, because most of these pills are herbal-based, they are not tested by the institutions that monitor prescription remedies. As a result, nothing about breast enhancement pills is medically proven. There is no scientific evidence of the permanence of their (possible) positive effect either.

What else should be taken into consideration when considering breast enlargement pills:

  • allergy: you may be allergic to the ingredients that are contained in these pills; and because these ingredients are quite rare, you could start taking the pills without being aware of the risk
  • cancer threat: it is suggested that some of the breast enhancement pills can potentially promote uterine cancer
  • more non-proven potential risks: there is also a possibility that the pills could cause problems with menstruation, your pregnancy potential and certain hormone-based birth control options
are breast enlargement pills safe

As you can see, what scientists say on the topic of breast enlargement pills safety is rather discouraging. Even some of the most effective breast enhancement pills (the herbal ones that are said to be effective, that is) can cause unwanted health effects. If you’re wondering about whether certain breast enlargement pills are safe for you or not, please discuss the issue with your healthcare provider before you attempt testing them on your own.

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