Breast asymmetry correction: what are my options?

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If you have noticed a slight size discrepancy between your breasts, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s a very common issue among many women, and the difference is usually indistinguishable to the naked eye. However, if your breast asymmetry doesn’t look mild at all and it’s almost impossible for you to find a bra that fits, you might start considering breast asymmetry correction options.

As for the treatment options for breast asymmetry, they invariably involve surgery. If you’re aimed at the permanent result in lieu of wearing a padded bra on the smaller side, you’re going to have to go for breast enhancement surgery. If you’ve come to a decision to solve the problem surgically, we encourage you to see a board-certified plastic surgeon and ask him or her about the options in your individual case.

breast asymmetry correction

There are women whose breast asymmetry is caused by a prominent rib on one side. If you’ve come in for breast enlargement on both sides without knowing about your rib asymmetry, your doctor should let you know about it. Because most likely you will require a slightly larger implant on the smaller breast. If you are upset about your asymmetry, make sure you see a good surgeon as soon as you can.

So what does breast asymmetry correction surgery involve? It involves enlarging your smaller breast or reducing your larger breast. In the majority of cases your surgeon will take your size preferences into account when carrying out the operation. Sometimes a larger breast requires a reduction (along with areola reduction) and a lift to match the opposite breast.

So what to expect after getting breast implants for asymmetry correction? See below:

  • you will get beautiful breasts that are absolutely symmetrical
  • the recovery process normally takes up to two weeks
  • you will have to wear a special bra for support during the first two weeks of recovery
  • you can shower the day after surgical procedure
  • you cannot exercise for two weeks after the surgery
  • you will experience discomfort in your breasts, but it can be alleviated with medications

If you want to read more about the risks of breast augmentation, you’re free to find the corresponding section on Womanita. It should be stressed that in some women (mild or severe) breast asymmetry can be caused by the so-called Poland’s Syndrome. This condition is associated with the deficiency or absence of the pectoralis major muscle. Depending on the case, women with this syndrome will need a custom implant or major breast reconstruction.

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