Characteristics of creative people

August 29, 2012 0

There are certain creativity techniques which you can practise to develop your sense of innovation. However, you can boost your own creative energy simply by modeling behavior and characteristics of creative people. It will help you solve problems more effectively and enable you to make innovative thinking part of your everyday life.

Now that you’re interested in creative people you may be asking yourself an important question: “Is there any sense in learning their ways? What if creativity cannot be learned?” I’m going to reassure you here – creativity CAN be learned. It doesn’t mean, however, that all people need to learn to become creative. In many cases people’s creativity is tied to their personality type, it is inborn.

characteristics of creative people

But if you feel that your creative genius is just a little bit sleepy, there are effective ways to wake him up. So make sure you build the following attitudes into your approach if you want to enhance your creativity and innovation:

  • curiosity: if you want to be more curious, it is very important to awaken your sense of wonder. Learn to ask questions. Your frequent ‘Why…’ and ‘What if…’ will show you the way to enhanced creativity and a better version of your creative self
  • turning problems into opportunities: another very important attitude of creative people – they see obstacles as a natural part of our everyday life, and sometimes are even drawn to them
  • reasonable optimism: since all problems are seen as opportunities, they can easily be solved (made the most of)
  • facing challenges: thousands of creative ideas can knock on your door if you face a challenge rather than escaping from it or avoiding it
  • creative dissatisfaction: creative people are acutely aware of what’s wrong with the world and people around them; however, instead of getting depressed or complaining about it, they artistically sublime this discontent into their masterpieces
what are creative people like

Flexibility, boundlessness of imagination is among the most important characteristic traits of creative individuals. Even watching a truly creative person at work when they’re ‘on fire’ is pure artistic pleasure, let alone getting close to this very feeling yourself. Creative people can intuitively connect various ideas together and come up with flashes of brilliance unreachable for the average folks.

What else are creative people like?

Wondering what creative people are like when at work or living their everyday life? Creative people look crazy and normal, are kind and mean, act modest and cocky… They are different, they come in all sizes, nationalities, personalities and quirks. Some of them learn methods of creativity and others just paint, play, write, take pictures on the spur of the moment.

traits and characteristics of creative individuals like

Although there can be more than one right answer to our question, I’ll summarize most of the answers into a set of characteristics of creative people:

  • open-minded: they are open to new experiences and can look at one issue from diverse, unexpected angles
  • persistent: even if the artist is facing crisis, they’ll stick to their best ideas until they come to fruition. Creativity is their religion
  • naturally curious: they stuff themselves with ideas that interest them before generating their own
  • slightly crazy or childish: they unleash their brilliance by playing with their ideas
  • free of mental limitations: their creativity is running free, always boundless
  • never fearless, always inspired: the only difference is creative people don’t let their fears keep them from doing a single thing they want to do

“Creativity is not a gift from the gods given to select individuals”, says Twyla Tharp, a famous American choreographer. “In order to be creative, you have to know how to prepare to be creative.” Some people intuitively feel it from the start, others just need to be aware of various creativity boosters. Now that you’re equipped with knowledge and lots of inspiration, enjoy getting all prepared for your creative moments!

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