Creativity strategies, methods and formula

September 1, 2012 0

Knowing creativity strategies, methods and formula is good. But don’t try to focus on it too heavily. The process of generating new ideas should not be forced. Your creative juices should flow naturally and freely. In other words – know the rules and feel free to break them in your mind whenever you feel inspired to.

When striving to become more creative and innovative don’t aim at perfection. Concentrate at excellence and keep in mind that imperfection can be very beautiful. Imperfection is human, natural and pure. Ignore everything that implies limiting your creativity: past, trends, pop culture, morals etc.

creativity strategies

If you really want to bring extra creativity into your life, learn how to stimulate your brain and develop curiosity along with other characteristics of creative people. You might also want to make the most of the following additional strategies and creativity methods:

  • surround yourself with blue: studies have shown that blue is a creativity-boosting color
  • listen to baroque music: such works as Pachelbel’s ‘Canon’ and Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’ are said to improve creativity greatly; listening to any kinds of inspirational music is a great creativity-boosting method
  • learn a foreign language: it improves your cognitive and problem-solving skills
  • expose your mind to absurdity: reading absurdist literature (Kafka is perfect) boosts innovative thinking and promotes pattern recognition (one of the essential traits of creative people)
  • play games: go out and have fun in the sun… or in the snow!
creativity methods

Let’s see the creativity formula based on these methods and strategies:

blue + music + languages + absurdity + outdoor activity = huge creativity boosters

More methods of creativity

So where do people’s creative ideas come from? They can actually come from anywhere… Learning to recognize the brilliant patterns by bringing previously confusing ideas together takes time and effort. However, if you use creativity techniques and methods, you can master creative thinking and innovation.

creativity formula

Try some more methods of creativity and strategies of generating new ideas:

  • evolution: learn how to improve the previously used ideas (not necessarily yours) and let them evolve into something uniquely new
  • reimplementation: figure out how to do something old in a different way (come up with new uses for a spoon to practise this method)
  • combination: combine several ideas into a new one. For example, web designers often combine the benefits of several ideas into a brilliant new one
  • revolution: instead of working on the ideas that are already in use, consider doing something absolutely different to achieve even better result
  • change of focus: this creativity method is risky but often very rewarding
methods of creativity

When combining or reapplying certain ideas you may find yourself stealing other people’s thoughts. If it bothers you, just let it go and steal like there’s no tomorrow! Yes, some fragments of your ideas will contain traces of other people’s inventions. But the main thing here is becoming brilliant at stealing and ‘selling’ your idea like no one else. If you know all about creativity boosters and practise them regularly, you will find generating ideas easy and fun.

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